YOUR AN IDIOT is a show on LBP2 hosted by Evil-Doer500 (Evil), Thebruceys (Bruce) and Newtonbabe (Newton), it has had Hardware34 (Hardware) and Beth star as substitute hosts after Evil was in jail and Newton was at the vet's with Mr Mouse in episode 4, Hardware returns as a substitute host in episode 6, where he appears to be violent and kills the guest himself


  • Evil (Evil-Doer500)- The creator of the show, he has been jailed in Penetrax for murdering the technician
  • Bruce (Thebruceys)- Co-host, Bruce is also a spy
  • Newton (Newtonbabe)- Co-host, may be the owner of Mr Mouse, she also disguises herself once
  • Hardware (Hardware34)- Substitute host, very strong and enjoys Murderbrawl XXXI, may return in the future
  • Beth (PSN unknown)- Substitue host, may return in the future
  • Mr Mouse- Currently unseen, the special guests are usually fed to him
  • Snuzunvitz (Or something)- Judges on wether the special get is smart or dumb
  • Unknown guest star
  • Previous technician- Was killed and fed to Evil's dog, Fred
  • Fred- Evil's currently unseen dog

Special GuestsEdit

  • Lewis300199
  • Caboose1424563
  • Dragon_Kid321
  • WickedCashew


  • Newton's disguise is of Proffessor Grizwald from Shadow of Israphel, she also quotes him
  • Hardware says he watches Murderbrawl XXXI and is a fan of Eddie Killbane, both of which are from Saint's Row 3
  • Evil has apparently escaped Alcatraz, and was sent to Penetrax
  • The group often by new studios, they get an older one back in Episode 6
  • There is some sort of keyboard where the 3 hosts sit, as evidenced when Evil, Hardware and Newton argued over which background music played
  • There is a trap door in front of the panel
  • There are a few trophies present sometimes
  • Hardware is the most violent character on the show, as evidenced where he killed the special guest early in the show's planned script, he also interrupts the chats to try to prompt the others to return to thier original subject
  • WickedCashew had the shortest humiliation time, due to being beaten by Hardware, he says she had final words until he found out she survived, he then beat her to a pulp, snapped her neck and ripped her arm off
  • The title has a grammatical error, but it serves as a way to humiliate the guest more to make them feel smart

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