Xenoxis Aftercorix is the desceased leader of the Xenovian army and Blood Alliance, he was killed by Angel-Ion's Axe of Truth, but was ressurected by Shade in Shade's Wrath


Xenoxis has 6 known forms


His regular form, donning small wings like Xenofighters


His main form, donning large withs with claws either end, he also dons a mouth cask like Xenegosiators


Attacks himself to a hive-like body on the celing of the Xenovian Council Outbreak Building


After Hivemind is destroyed, he withers and turns to ash, but a small spikey purple object known as Core remains, it is destroyed by Caboose


After Core is destroyed, a dark aura of purple surrounds Caboose and Angel-Ion, known as Mind, it is destroyed by Angel-Ion with the Axe of Truth, finally ending Xenoxis


After being destroyed, a single fragment flies into Angel-Ion, invading his dreams, he manages to deplete Soul, thus destroying Xenoxis fully

Ressurected XenoxisEdit

Xenoxis was resurected by Shade with several relics including the Relic of Ressurection and Scythe of Darkness, reanimating Xenoxis and giving him life, this version lives to this day as an LAC

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