On the Bishop 73, a ship shaped like the Bishop peice from a chess game, houses every year's Universal Chess Championship, the best players from the planets that play chess come here and compete

Angel-Ion's WinsEdit

Angel-Ion has won 41 times

Rook's WinsEdit

Rook has won 23 times

Jaggar's WinsEdit

Jaggar has won 33 times

Jark's WinsEdit

Jark has won 22 times

Mowboo's WinsEdit

Mowboo has won 31 rimes

Black's WinsEdit

Black has won 40 times

Kult's WinsEdit

Kult has won 40 times

As a DeathmatchEdit

Main Article: Endgame

There has been a deathmatch placed between Angel-Ion and Shadow Entity, the 5th of the 10 rounds takes place here, Angel-Ion won, but Entity secretley placed a Shadow Subspace Bomb that went off and sucked in the entire of Bishop 73, it also took Piya-Ion, Raiden and Twilia with it, along with the rest of the audience of the battle

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