&nbsp The Seven Day War, also known as Bad Week, Death Week, Bloodbath Week or Week of Blood, is a war that lasted for an entire week, it is between the Murr System's armies, as well as the LAC and TSA, and a group of several alien species

Murr System ArmiesEdit

The Murr System's armies:

  • Lemon Allstars Clan
  • The SuperHero Army
  • Phazon Army
  • Crimson Army
  • Yain Military Inforce
  • Myraxis Alpha Force
  • Myraxis Beta Force
  • Alpha Point
  • The Nightfall
  • Dark Crater Enforced Army
  • Refuge
  • Ruffian Army Force
  • Squirreldonian Army
  • The Enforce
  • Team V
  • Team X
  • The Army

Alien ArmyEdit

The aliens:

  • Xenovain
  • Exilecobra
  • Osmosian
  • Fangora
  • Raptorus
  • Pteodactan
  • Helixian
  • Centelipede
  • Xen
  • Vexian
  • Terravolta
  • Electrocombine

The Discussion that led to the WarEdit

Also known as Discussion of the Week or Bloodbath Week Chat, this discussion led to the massive war that lasted the seven days, the Xenovain and the other aliens were tired of the Murr Council's ruling over the universe, so they started to attack all over the Murr System and nearby planets, such as Squirreldonia, this chat led to the Council sending an exploration team to explore the Xenovain planet for the Xenovian Council, they deliver a message saying that the Murr Council will do as they would want the Xenovian Council would like, but the Xenovian Council CEO did not like the offer, stating that the Murr Council must pay the price of death, they then took the exploration team away to perform experiments

The Exploration Team (Xenovian Torture Files)Edit

An Xenovian torture file with each exploration team member had their own way of torture, except for the team's only females, the files also state out achof their names, the files contain:

Name: Rad Stefenfold

Rank: Captain

Method of torture: Growing plants into body

Name: Reggie Kempenfold

Rank: Co-captain

Method of torture: Physical torture

Name: Chell Exprior

Rank: Team mate

Method of torture: Sexual torture

Name: Sheila Calpate

Rank: Team mate

Method of torture: Sexual torture

Name: Locky Buttenstein

Rank: Translator

Method of torture: Constriction

Name: Percy Cilpen

Rank: Team mate

Method of torture: Pulled apart

The WarEdit

Day One: The Raid of the LACEdit

The LAC and TSA are called and are told they they have been put into the war, they also hear that enemy armies (The Nightfall, the Phazon army, the Enforce, ect.) have also been dragged into the war (The Phazon army, as well as the Crimson army, were dragged in after the Xenovian atack on their home worlds), they proceed to their battleship (Some stay on Murr to protect it, using weapons such as the Seablade or the LAC Mulscar Combine Cannon [Located at the pinnicle of Neox HQ]), the LAC and TSA travel to the Xenovian homeworld where they are to steal away documents about their weaknesses, strengths and personal treasures, when the LAC get there, they infiltrate the council and take every last document they could find, which was not intended to do, Angel-Ion finds the Xenovian Torture File with the exploration team in a filer full of them, they take the entire filer to the cargo hold, TSA on the other hand go around the planet searching for the treasures after being told by Angel-Ion where to find them, they toss them back into the cargo hold and return to Murr, they put everything in the cargo hold into the Secure Vault, including the documents, they then rest for the next day, unknowing of hat will happen at night... At night, the Xenovians start attacking Neox HQ, unknowing that it can't be destroyed, the LAC, who are shortly joined by the TSA, begin to return fire, but there are to many Xenovians, so Angel-Ion goes for plan B, he calls for Axeon, who creates a mini blackhole, sucking in all of the Xenovian ships, Axeon then closes the black hole and returns to the Place of Beggining

Day Two: The Fight BeginsEdit

The LAC and TSA begin to go to the battlefield, where they are called to Neox HQ's docking bay, where they are greeted by Phazorus and Crimsane, as they speak, Xenovian ships start attacking, but now with ships from other alien species alongside, them, it was the Xenovian council, but Phazorus is not impressed, he phones up somebody, telling them to 'Activate the Lightning Combustion Cannon!', as he puts his XTransciver away, a huge lightning blast hits the Xenovian fleet, disabling each ship's controls, also killing most of the crews on each ship, an Xenovian ship crashes into the docking bay, which abruptly closes behind it, the Xenovians, followed by other aliens who were inside the ship begin to attack, but the LAC, TSA, Phazon and Crimson armies fight back, while they fight, Angel-Ion takes Caboose, Risu, Mah, Phazorus and Crimsane to the Secure Vault to equip themselves with most of the relics, but when Phazrous abruptly knocks the Hyperstone off it's stand, it touches Shade in his stone form, returning him to his former self, he is told that fighting them will not solve anything, but fighting the Xenovians and the rest of the Xenovian council will, the LAC and co back at the docking bay finally defeat the enemies, they proceed to burning the corpses at the Neox HQ Furnace, but revive all of the deceased Murr folk witht the Relic of Resurrection, the day ends

Day Three to Day SevenEdit

Mostly intense fights between the Xenovian Council and the Murr System armies, the Murrr System armies appear to be winning as they are equiped with powerful relics and other things, Devostata, Scar and Shock find it hard to battle against their brethren, but they are used against them, at the final day, they overthrow the council, and win the war, the LAC return all of the equipment to Secure Vault

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