The Sackboy Clan Revelations is a former Clan that was owned by SuperHeroMAH. They have less members than LAC does, But allies with good clans like The Death Army.Thier goal is to Ally with Great Clans, Get more Members and Kill alot of Clans. This clan is now, however, dead, it was the successor to The SuperHero Army (That's predeccessor was Community Clan, and that's was Costume Creating Clan, and that's was Amazing Sackboy Clan, and that's was The Sackboy Club)

Former Leaders and MembersEdit

Leader: SuperHeroMAH

Commanders: EZB321, Sacky12345

Former MembersEdit

  • Bioman222
  • SuperheroLAH
  • Dudders1
  • MegaPuft
  • Becca
  • CrashBreaker101
  • Hardware34
  • HyperTherapy

Former Rank SystemEdit

The TSCR's Rank System is XP. They have a total of 75 Ranks.

Former AlliesEdit

Lightning Aerodex Clan: Was superior to the clan, was the clan that partly killed them, the other clan that also killed them was Chimeran Empire

TDA: An artistic Clan

Sackboy Fan Club?: A really friendly clan

UWC: A great clan

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