The Eye of Gods
The Eye is a giant bloody eye that is one of the Ancient Ministers, he is the rogue of the group, and betrayed them to side with an old threat, he was the one who kidnapped Bivalvan and switched him with One after One was defeated by Xtraxis


The Eye will ally with anybody, then decieves the person he is helping, he more than always sides with evil threats, he was imprisoned on the South-Western edge of the Central Universe, he appears to be cynical and decietful, he often tries to take charge, which, in reality, he is, and hiding it by putting others in charge

He turns out to be the one creating all of the plots, giving many past villains (I.e Babidi, Metallix, Dark Arbiter), objectives, how he connected to them is unknown, he also spent a lot of time in his imprisonment in Other World creating a new dimension suitable for him and his followers, however he made it accessible from the Mortal World only, where he had to escape Other World to Mortal World, then to the new Hades Dimension The Eye returns to be the final major villain in the entire role play series, where he appears to be freed by Babidi, and the two Arbiters from his prison in Other World, where he releases every last character from Hell, including old villains, he then takes the desceased, the living and thiose from the Hellmouth to the Hades Dimension, he abducts the LAC in the process