&nbsp The Comedy Crew is a film of a collection of comedical shorts starring 8 characters, two of which are inanimate objects


  • Hardware34 (Hardware)
  • Caboose1424563 (Caboose)
  • SuperHeroMAH (Mike)
  • Jeanuk (Genex)
  • A Creeper
  • A Dryer
  • A Fridge


The shorts are all based off of ASDF Movies, as it's random but funny shorts, however, it stars only 8 characters

  • On the Head- Caboose and Mike watch Hardware pass, but watch him pass in the other direction carrying Vitesse above him
  • The Dryer vs the Fridge- The Dryer and the Fridge begin fighting over Mike, as he does not know what to do, but it ends with Caboose picking him up and walking off
  • Electrocreeper- Angel-Ion short circuits a device, electrocuting the Creeper, who turns blue and explodes
  • Dryer Likes Waffles- The Fridge gets a waffle forom it's inside, and gives it to Vitesse, who walks off, passing Dryer, who trips him up, steals and then eats the waffle, Vitesse flips however and accuses Caboose of stealing it, he then unleashes a Mach Punch onto Caboose, launching him
  • Angry as a Toilet- Hardware is in the toilet, where Mike unknowingly enters the room, Hardware goes crazy
  • Gggg- The Dryer uses a computer to research other Dryers, but gets a virus, he goes angry and crushes the computer, that says 'Gggg'
  • Fridge of Creepers- Fridge and Creeper are playing a game of chess, but Creeper breaks the rules, so Fridge eats him
  • The Room- All 8 characters meet up in a room, where the door suddenly locks, and states that the most loved one must die, they all choose the Creeper, who is the least favourite, but the door still opens
  • Dryer Cook a Meal- Dryer attempts to cook a meal, but he has no hands to open an oven, so he puts the food inside him, where he manages to cook the food, but does not tell anybody
  • Cloning the Creeper- Creeper is greeted by a clone of himself, then is surrounded by them, he finds that aliens are cloning him and abduct him
  • A Way Up- Caboose, Hardware, Mike and Vitesse are greeted by a wall that is unable to traverse over,