Team Phase is a team led by Phase


Phase, being an Osmosian, is a human sized ant, he has four arms, as opposed to ants having 6 legs, he is grey in colour and is a rival to Dynamo, he was in te Kilfel-Osmosian War as a commander, he is a war veteran

General LanceEdit

The General of the Elite Silver Army, he joined the team as he wanted to folow his dream of being in a team of war veterans, like Phase and Crimsane


Phazorus' sworn enemy, Crimsane is obviously a war veteran, just like Phazorus, he, along with Phaz, were in the Phaz-Crim War, he is a cyborg as his body had to be repaired after the results of the 6th Phaz-Crim War, as did Phazorus