Team Dynamo is a team of four led by Dynamo, the team consists of Dynamo, Xenovian Prime, Pendleton and Bobby, the team consists of robotics (Bar Xenoviaan Prime, who is a cyborg)


Dynamo is a timid, but yet powerful robot that was found in an abandoned Red Skull Republic Fortress (Unknown Fortress) by Caboose, who activates him, when they return, a speaker then references Party Escort Bots, making him think he is one, Caboose and Angel-Ion's new ship (Which he stole from Missile and modified), Angel-Ion walks off to to his mechanic (Fenderson), and Dynamo is left with Pendleton, who make friends quickly and are attacked by 12 Xenovians (Including Xenovian Prime), Xenovian Prime claims that he now rules Neox HQ, Pendleton then tries to attack him, only to be knocked out, Dynamo goes angry and hits Xenovian Prime with a deadly blow, Xenovian Prime then joins his team as he is possibly more powerful than Xenovians, he then alligns his squad of 50 to the LAC as soldiers, Dynamo then recruits Bobby after saving Bobby's life in the Skunk Factory owned by The Boss


The robotic knight who was built by the mysterious Blue Aspertra, he talks in an old English accent, and weilds a sword and shield, Pendleton often brags about Blue Aspertra, but does not know much about them himself, he is more focused with his team and the news over the Southern Eastern Crossphere of Murr, where most of Murr's action takes place

Xenovian PrimeEdit

Xenovian Prime is an Xenovian who betrayed his race, along with his squad of 50 (Who are now LAC troops), he is the second most strongest, behind Dynamo himself, this is evidenced when he knocked out Pendleton, he wears an eye patch on his eye as he was attacked by a Xen once (Which was killed by it's rival race, a Vexian), after the Xen was interupted by Prime, it attacked him, blinding his eye, the Vexian then killed the Xen and fled, he also has rivalry with Crimsane, a friend of the LAC and leader of the Crimson Army, he is a cyborg


Bobby is the weakest member of the group, he was found by Pendleton and Dynamo in the Skunk Factory, he was about to be burned in an incinerator, but escorted him out with the help of pipes and machines, Bobby is rusted and slighty scorched