Tanetane is the very last planet the Survivors visit in Revenge of Omega, it is the only planet to mix environments

Revenge of OmegaEdit

In RoO, the Survivors make their way to the top of a technofied tree, that is poking out of water, the Silence says that he cannot go down as he cannot get wet, plu, he says the player that they are the only one who can go, the player is given a scuba kit, the Survivors will communicate at random points, until the layer reaches the bottom of the area, where sand is, there is a plug that must be pulled so a bunch of rocks will move out of the way, after the player pulls the plug, some water goes down, then Skellos, Grey, Flow and the Silence catch up

When the team get to the underwater facility, the Masked Man appears and attacks the player and the Survivors, he kills Skellosby stabbing him, the Masked Man is then attacked by Grey, the Masked Man calls for 3 Drone-Ex Epsilon's and a Drone-Ex Xi, Grey destroys them and the Masked Man flees, Grey then takes Skellos' body back to the ship, the player destroys the final generator, the gang realie the place is starting to flood, the Silence & Flow escape from being crushed under a rock, which blocks the formal exit of the tower, when the place floods, the ship flies overhead and drops a scuba gear, what the player grabs, the player then must swim up the seemingly tall tower until he meets a point where he is no longer in water, and must climb up using a grapple hook, the player makes it to the top, where the ship drops a bomb onto the satillite dish, so the player can get out, the ship then lands on the dish and picks up the player, the ship then flies off

Other AppearancesEdit

It appears again in Alternate Reality briefly as a cameo, where the LAC blew the nearby planet, Yain, up, several asteroids from the destroyed world were scattered onto Tanetane

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