Here are a list of all of the status problems in turn based battles

Sleep- A character or enemy will fall asleep

Burnt- A character or enemy will be burned and will inflict damage

Poison- A character or enemy will be poisoned and will inflict damage

Frozen- A character or enemy are frozen solid

Paralysed- A character or enemy are paralysed and will be unable to move on certain turns

Confused- A character or enemy will be confused and will occasionally hurt themselves or miss

Immobilised- A character or enemy will freeze for a period of time and won't be able to do physical attacks

Fainted- A character or enemy will faint if they are either frightened or attracted depending on thier nature

Attracted- A character or enemy will be attracted to something on the opposite side with the opposite gender, also, female characters or enemies who have Lesbian ability can attract another female, attracted enemies will also swap sides to fight thier own allies, and are then transported to the Recruit Station in Neox HQ

Cursed- An enemy or character can curse each other, cutting thier own HP, causing the opponent to inflict damage

Frightened- A character or enemy will show fear and will no longer be able to attack, sometimes they will flee the battle

Leeched- A character or enemy's health will begin to be drained from them and added to thier opponent's HP

Trapped- A character or enemy can prevent the opponent to escape the battle

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