&nbsp "I have been expecting you, Phazorus, prepare to be defeated" -Shockwave to Phazorus- LACT Ep. 13

Shockwave is a Murr God and a ninja who knows Ninjay, Tailwind, Jutsu, PSI, Weather Bending and Dragon Energy, he is extremely powerful and cannot be seen on formal land (Non-floating), he resides at Sky Arcadia with Anglean as his only company

In the Duo Fighting TourneyEdit

In the DFT, he teams up with his best friend, Anglean, where they manage to defeat 6 teams, only to be defeated by Phazorus and Missile

In LAC TalesEdit

Shockwave appears in LACT episode 13 'The Great Beyond', where Phazorus makes his way to the top of Sky Arcadia to battle Shockwave and presumably capture him, just like what he had done to Mekkai and Posedon, he lost to Phazorus and was abducted by Missile, where he is put into an unbreakable prison, only to be freed by Anglean and Nexus

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