Serpetria Temple is an undersea temple located in Bottomless Sea, it is home of High Lord X, who has imprisoned High Lords Kell and Yuiop (The reason the City of Kell was destroyed), X has also imprisoned Acromantula Aquissure and Zane Harcrex

The temple itself is based on the Abyssal Ruins from Pokemon Black & White, it has many corridors and rooms, in the Seven Day War Arc, after the wedding of Angel-Ion and Ginny Escalier, Angel-Ion, Ginny and Caboose accompany Raiden to find his brother, Zane, they stumble upon the ruins, where they encounter Acromantula and Zane imprisoned, as well as Kell and Yuiop, who both flee to thier cities, the rest are captured and taken to X, who wishes to use thier souls to destroy the other High Lords, however Posedon and Leafene break in and free them, X soon changes his ways

The Serpetria Temple Guardians and X later help the LAC fight the Blood Alliance, X goes with Angel-Ion, Ginny, Caboose, Phazora and Phazora's cohorts summon the Stone Army in the Hidden Tomb

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