The Sealed Chambers are small rooms that can only be opened by the 3 sacred Secret Keys, held by Caboose, Risu and Angel-Ion, there are five Sealed Chambers, one is located within Deep Musical Reach and is located behind the MMM (Musical Melody Machine), Phazorus has seemingly teleported himself into this room once and caused havoc inside, another is located at World Abyss Pit, where it is guarded by Pheonix, an LAC, who was kidnapped by Phazorus to find out where the keys were, he escaped however and reurned to his post, the third door is located at Deep Dark Crater, where Dark guards the door, the fourth door is located at the Place of Beggining's LAC Hideout, where Nistarx and his Space Kage Students protect it, the final door is located at Extreme Volcano Pit, where it is surrounded by lava, it is also guarded by the Friendly Lil' Satan Clan

All five doors seemingly lead to a stone room with the Great Sealed Chamber is, where it has only one keyhole, it can only be opened by Angel-Ion, this chamber seemingly leads straight to Safecamp, Earth

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