Revenge of Omega is the sequel to Unknown War, it features futuristic versions of all of the Survivors from the prequel, two of which are now married and have a son called Claus


Under a command of somebody, an orange haired character (Missile) is collecting an artifact that transforms people into cyborgs, he then appears again, but at the camp of the Survivors, he kidnaps Claus and disappears again, a hologram with Drone-Ex Omega appears appears and he says 'If you want to see your precious child again, you must come to my new space station' A hologram of the space station and 10 planets around it appear (Including Murr), he then says 'You must deactivate the sheild protecting the Omega Death Ship, which is on one of the ten planets, but that planet has a sheild on another planet that protects that planet with the planet that protects the planet protecting the Omega Death Ship, in that fashion' the Survivors realise that the first shield is already on Murr, so they go to find it, but the only person who can get inside without using the locked doors is the player, who must climb up the wall, but a Drone-Ex Alpha appears and attacks the player, who has to destroy it, the player must then enter an elevator and enters a door and travels to the reactor, whom the plaer plants a bomb on, the player must then escape the shield generator tower, which falls appart, they then make thier way to the now unprotected planet

After they destroy all ten shield generator towers, Bash and Skellos are killed during this, they make their way to the Omega Death Ship, they find Missile, the kidnapper, and a mysterious character called the Masked Man who the player encountered thrice before, Missile extracts some DNA from the Masked Man and tells him to return to Drone-Ex Omega, Missile then fights the player and is deafeated, he then declares that he will return and will not be defeated, he then disappears, the Survivors dwell depper into the Omega Death Ship, they encounter Tissue, Typhoon reveals that he will be easy to take down, but Tissue transforms into a demonic beast with Tissue's body for a face, he then kills Typhoon by shooting him, his spirit touches the player, wois nt to the spirit world with the Ghost of Typhoon, they encounter the Ghost of Devostata, who attacks them, he is defeated and the player is sent back to the original world, where Tissue is about to attack them, Tissue destroys Tycoon's corpse and attacks, only to have his new body destroyed by the player, he falls down a hole he created, a short cutscene shows he fell out of the ship and a blue space ship flies in and collects him, later, the player and co then find Drone-Ex Omega, they defeat him, but all that is left of him is a ball with his eye, he rolls away, saying 'My little monster is still here', just as he says it, the Masked Man jumps and cages the Survivors, he has a one on one battle with the player, after a few hits, his mask comes off, revealing the Masked Man to be Claus, the Survivors try to persuade Claus that he is Claus, not the Masked Man, the Masked Man suddenly realises who he is, he fires an electric bolt at the celing, which bounces off and hits Claus, Claus then says 'I'm freeing my soul...' and dies, the Silence says 'He has joined Typhoon, Skellos... and Bash', Flint then sets the ship to self destruct, and he sees a diagram with the ship, the speaker then says 'All drop pods deployed', the Survivors (Grey and Flint carry Claus' body, and the Silence carrying an urn with Typhoon's ashes inside), then make thier way to thier ship, where they all escape, back on Murr, they lay Skellos, Bash, Typhoon's ashes and Claus to rest, the story then ends

Level TypesEdit

Here is a list of level types

  • Murr Plains- First level takes place here
  • Generator Tower- The player must get inside a Shield Generator Tower and destroy the reactor
  • Giant Wall- The player must use a grapple hook to traveserse up a huge wall, falling results in death
  • Underwater- The player will hav to traverse through water
  • Deep Underwater- The player needs to swim furthur underwater to achive gols or get prizes, the player will need to find a scuba gear for this
  • Forest- The player must traverse through a gigantic forest will another character, it the assistant is lost, the player is stuck and has to rery the level if the assistant dies or falls into an unreachable/unescapable place
  • Frozen Tundra- A frozen landscape where the floors are slippery
  • Speedway- An area where the player must get inside a Roller and avoid Drone-Ex's that will attack
  • Omega Death Ship- The last two levels are set here
  • Asteroid Field/Space- The player controls the rocket that the survivors use
  • Antigravity Area- Gravity changes in certain areas, so the player can get to really high places/can't jump really high/walk on walls and celings


The Player- Obviously the person the player controls, known as 'Rainbow Warrior'

Flint- The leader of the Survivors, he has underwent physical appearance change since Unknown War

Hinawa- Wife of Flint, she has underwent physical appearance change since Unknown War

Grey- An anthropomorphic zebra and Skellos' best friend, he has underwent appearance change since Unknown War

Skellos- An anthropomorphic skeleton and Grey's best friend, he has underwent appearance change since Unknown War, he is killed by the Masked Man

Flo- A fan of music, he has underwent physical appearance change since Unknown War

The Silence- A quiet ninja and brains of the Suvivors, he has underwent appearance change since Unknown War

Bash- A guy who has a habit of bashing into things, he has underwent appearance change since Unknown War, he is killed by the Hungry Cactus

Tikhaos- A tribesmen whose tribe was killed by Devostata, he has underwent appearance change since Unknown War

Typhoon- A stranger who is eager for adventrue, he has underwent a physicl appearance change since Unknown War, he is killed by Tissue, his body is also incinerated by Tissue

The Rocket- A rocket that the Survivors use to raverse, it has a voice of a girl

Claus- The son of Flint and Hinawa, he is kidnapped and turned into the Masked Man, he kills himself after the realises who he is and what he has done

Drone-Ex Omega 1.5- The main villain, he has underwent physical appearance change since Unknown War, his body is destroyed, but his centre remains, a core with an eye

Tissue- Drone-Ex Omega's hench, he transforms into Demonic Tissue later in the game, he kills Typhoon

Missile- Bounty hunter who is working for a higher being than Drone-Ex Omega, but merely working alongside him

The Masked Man- The final boss of the series, he is actually revealed to be Claus, who kills himself, he kills Skellos

Ghost of Devostata- Devostata's ghost, he has obviously underwent physical appearance change since Unknown War

Mysterious Blue Characters- Two Phazon Knights appear to collect Tissue after they find him in space, they attack thier ship to the Omega Doomship ready to pick up Drone-Ex Omega

Hungry Cactus- A huge cactus that will eat anything, it swallows the Rocket and the Survivors have to retrive it, it kills Bash

Rogue Comet Monster- A comet monster that attacks the Rocket

RNX- RNX is the leader of the RNA that swarm places to create offspring, he hs not underwent any changes since Unknown War

NRH- New Rocket Hybrid is an RNA that has fused with a rocket


  • All of the original Survivors now have names
  • All but one original Unknown War character has an updated apperance
  • Tissue is able to transform into a large demon Machine

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