Red Lotus (Story) is a story about Red Lotus, the main character, he goes on a quest to find out his past

Pure Light AdventureEdit

The Pure Light adventure begins with Red Lotus in City 17, where chaos is afoot, he meets Angel-Ion directly after meeting the Doom, Angel-Ion's mission is to flee the city, as opposed to the Doom's mission of taking out 25 Phazons, if he flees the city, Angel-Ion will then ask him to get to the LAC Kingdom, Xenovian Prime will ask him to get to Neox HQ instead, if he gets to LAC Kingdom, Caboose will give the mission of entering Cyber Reality with him, Dynamo will also be in the Cyber Reality, asking Red Lotus to destroy all of the viruses in the trails, Caboose's mission involves Red Lotus going to the Phazon Cyber Tower and obtain data and return to the LAC Cyber Tower with it, Angel-Ion will then ask Lotus to protect Neox HQ's Narrow Passage from Fangora that came from a crashed Fangorican ship, Phazora will call for Lotus' aid to help him defeat a hoard of Phazons, later, Ginny will ask Lotus to obtain a cure for the illness of which has stuck Angel-Ion, Hyphen will ask Lotus to help him take out Doom's army of Doom Destroyers, when Lotus obtains the cure, a blue thorny lotus, he suddenly sees that the Doom has interfered with Lotus' past, separating him from Roselia, he then sets off to Doom's Hideout with Angel-Ion & Caboose, fighting the Doom in the process (If the Doom's mission is done, which is clearing out the hideout of Shadoo, Shade is fought)

Other StoriesEdit

Light (Hyphen)- After getting to Ginny's mission of getting the cure of Angel-Ion's illness, if Hyphen's mission is done, Lotus-Eater will appear and is controlled by the Doom Pure Hero (Phazora)- Hero (Dynamo)- Good (Xenovian Prime)- Neutral (Roselia)- Bad (Eclipse)- Evil (King Fangoricus)- Pure Evil (Phazorus)- Dark (Black Lotus)- Pure Dark (The Doom)-

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