Artwork of Phazorus

Phazorus in the snow lbp by superyaridovich999-d3dq4pv
Phazorus is the general of the Phazon Army and was once the mortal enemy of Crimsane (General of the Crimson Army), he knows Fire, Ice and Water attacks

In Duo Fighting TourneyEdit

In the Duo Fighting Tourney, he teams up with his right hand man, bounty hunter Missile, where the defeat 10 other teams and pitch up to the final, where they fight Angel-Ion and Piya-Ion, whom they lose to

In LAC TalesEdit

Phazorus appears in 4 episodes of LACT, he appears as a villain in 'The Great Beyond' and 'Hyper Space', and as a hero in 'Phazorus vs Crimsane Part 1 & Part 2'

LAC Tales: Battle of the SeaEdit

In LACT: BotS, he is the main villain, he captures Posedon and only Angel-Ion and te LAC can save him, they team up with Crimsane, and bombard the Phazon Battlesub, it ends with Phazorus' cybernetics imploding and has to be repaired (Again)

LAC ChroniclesEdit

Phazorus only appears as the body for Hardware34, who is killed by Judgingjudy999 at the beggining

Future StoryEdit

He will be a major character in a later role play involving him and his son Doombringer, who has searched for his father for many years, this role play will be called LAC: The Legion of Forever Darkness

Characters under Phazorus' ruleEdit

Drone-Ex Omega- A creation

Tissue- Drone-Ex Omega's hench

Rape Monkey- Created by Phazon Scientists

Phazon Army- Main soldiers

Drone-Ex Army- Including Cyborgs, the Drone-Ex army work under Phazorus' rule



Blizzarda- A female Slayer and Phazorus' love life

Bounty HuntersEdit

Phazorus has 10 Bounty Hunters in his army:

Missile Centrifuge- Right hand man and one of 10 (Including Devostata) of the Phazon Army's bounty hunters

Devostata- Desceased bounty hunter

Megetzit- Lizard bounty hunter

Hoodlum- A brown ninja-like bounty hunter

J (Jarcosefgehtiskhanastanuskalus)- A bounty hunter withan extremely long name, it is shortened to J

Sharp Shooter- A gun weilding soldier

Morphius- Metamorphing bounty hunter

Masked Man- A clone of Claus, he acts the same as what Claus did when he was the Masked Man

Eight- A yellow-headed 2D charater who is also a bounty hunter

Mecha- A living machine that is a bounty hunter


Phazorus, like most other characters, has been given nicknames by other characters

  • Master- Cleaners, once by Slaves
  • Master Phazorus- Cleaners, Missile
  • Phazorus- Most characters
  • Phaz- Angel-Ion, Crimsane
  • Lord Phaz- Morphius
  • Lord Phazorus- Most Phazon Army characters
  • My Lord- Phazon Soldiers
  • The Blue Guy- Genex, before knowing his name
  • Blue Dildo- Caboose, Genex
  • Blue Guy with Cybernetics- Dynamo, before knowing his name
  • King Phazorus- Once by Slaves
  • Evil Tyrant- Xenovian Prime, once only
  • Mindless Fool- Once by Crimsane
  • Stupid- Everyone who hates him
  • The Phazon General- Everybody
  • Faggot- Once by Crimsane, Caboose and Angel-Ion, Shadow Contaniment
  • Cunt- Once by Crimsane, Shadow Contaniment
  • Bastard- Once by Crimsane, Shadow Contaniment
  • Fuck Face- Shadow Contaniment
  • Retard- Shadow Contaniment
  • Fugly- Shadow Contaniment
  • Penis Burger- Shadow Contaniment
  • PH4Z0RU5- Digitus
  • That Guy, the Blue One- Most people who don't know his name
  • Blue- Shadow Contaniment, referencing his colour, just like that he calls Crimsane Red
  • Blue Cyborg Guy- Magu
  • Whatshisname- People who have forgotten his name
  • (Growling Noise)- Hungry Cactus


  • Shadow Contaniment has thrown many offencive names at Phazorus
  • Since he has joined the LAC, he has got suprisingly dumber, often being one of the comedy duo, the other being either Missile or the Doom, he has also been it with Angel-Ion, Crimsane, Hyphen, Bivalvan, Hex, his past self, Avalancha, Dynamo, Xenovian Prime, Scar, Devostata, Dalek Thor, Killvision, Pendrill and Imperia

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