Phazorus in the snow lbp by superyaridovich999-d3dq4pv

Phazon Slayers, Bounty Hunters and Assassins are three groups of people in the Phazon army, and usualy carry out orders from Phazorus, they are always loyal

Bounty HuntersEdit

There is a total of 10 Bounty Hunters, one of which is Phazorus' right hand man


Phazorus' assassins, 5 in total

  • Spark (Hoodlum's brother, also has an estranged but forgotten past, both seem to know each other somehow)
  • SECURE (Meaning Sentient Emote Core Usage Robot Exile)


The new guys, there are 8 in total

  • Avalancha the Iciclor (Blizzard's younger brother)

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