The Omega Death Ship is Drone-Ex Omega's main transport, and is the setting for the final three Revenge of Omega levels

Attack PointEdit

Attack Point is the first ODS level, the plaer conrols the ship, where they must navigate it through waves of Drone-Ex's, until they come across Drone-Ex Submission, a giant Drone-Ex that was built onto a wall on the Omega Death Ship, the player then destroys it, but they are now traveling through a 'Galacta Nova (Kirby)' style plane, where they must destroy tiny Drone-Ex Xi's, afterwards, the layer encounters Drone-Ex Death, whom the player destroys, the player then contnues to a landing bay

The BrawlEdit

The Brawl is the second ODS level, the player starts on a bride, the Survivors (Excluding Flow and Grey) rush off without the player, the Silence stays with the player and says that Flow and Grey will catch up, half way through the level, the Silence says he must catch up with the others, while the player progresses through the level, he is pursed by Tissue

Final FightEdit

The player catches up with the the others, Tissue drops from the celing and lands infront of a tad opened hatch, Typhoon says 'This is gonna be easy', Tissue replies, 'Easy for me that is', he then jumps down he hatch, which opens to reveals Tissue attached to a giant machine which he claims to have made himself, he then kills Typhoon with a flamer and attempts to shoot the others, Typhoon's spirit touches the player, which sends both of them to the Sprit World, where they encounter the Ghost of Devostata, whom the fight and defeat, the player is returned to the formal world where Tissue creates a hole which he tries to make the player fall in but the plan backfires when Tikhaos casts a spell on him to get his foot logged in, he then continues to fire, but both guns are lost, so Tissue makes a larges hole with his tail, but his body is destroyed by the player, Tissue then falls down the hole where he ends up in space, where a blue ship comes and collects him, the player and co then encounter Drone-Ex Omega, they defeat him and destroy his body, the Masked Man then appears and is revealed to be Claus