&nbsp The OSAA, known as Onganisation of Secret Agent Animals, is a group of pets who secretly have a double life and do battle with a villainous animal group known as LOVEMUFFIN

List of Animal Agents (A-Z)Edit

Ace the Altaria

Albert the Albatross

Aslan the Lion

Arc the Aggron

Bill the Baltoy

Brian the Hedgehog

Caymon the Cat

Cherry the Keckleon

Dave the Platypus

Dengar the Pig

Eddy the Echidna

Fig the Fox

Gregg the Gengar

Harold the Omanyte

Jack the Jumpluff

James the Jaguar

Jim the Snail

Joe the Jigglypuff

Jyx the Creeper

Kevin the Kangaroo

Leroy the Lobster

Max the Wolf

Robert the Rooster

Roger the Rhino Beetle

Ryan the Chicken

Thunder the Jolteon

Terry the Turkey

Venus the Duck

Volcus the Volcarona