The Secure Vault contains artifacts from Angel-Ion and Co's adventures, the team's collection is her


  • Relic of Resurrection- A relic that brings dead back to life and heals mortal wounds
  • Triple Fusion Relic- A relic that can fuse 3 beings together
  • Gold Conversion Stone- Turns any metal into gold
  • Platnium Conversion Stone- A stone that turns any metal into platnium
  • Stained Rock- A round stone stained with hot blue water, the heat dyed the stone blue
  • Hyperstone- A sacred rock that turns all rock into hyperstone rock
  • Sealed Chamber Key- A key to the Sealed Chamber
  • Ice Relic- Ice making relic
  • Fire Relic- Fire making relic
  • Fiery Drum (Angel-Ion put it here after Shade's attack)- Angel-Ion's personal treasure
  • Fountain Drop- Risu's personal treasure
  • Map of Eternity- A map that leads directly to the heart of the universe

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