&nbsp Neox HQ, also know as Neox, LAC HQ or Neox Headquaters, is the LAC's central HQ, it is positioned directly next to the LAC Kingdoom, it houses several rooms, including Secure Vault, the Furnace and the Emmisary Room

Known PlacesEdit

  • Team Dynamo HQ- Team Dynamo's Room
  • Team Phase HQ- Team Phase's Room
  • Team Angel-Boose Squirrel HQ- Team ABS' old HQ, they meet up here sometimes
  • Docking Bay- Area where ships will arrive and deport
  • Furnace- A place where things are burnt, located deep underground
  • Secure Vault- A vault where secrets are kept
  • Neox Gardens- A large garden
  • Galaxy Bridge- A large bridge that connects the LAC Kingdom and Neox HQ together
  • Renuclius Falls- A waterfall in the Garden
  • Emmisary Room- A room where meetings between Kages and Allies are held
  • Neuron Lazer Control Room- The controls to the Neuron Lazer
  • Left Wing- The HQ's left 'wing'
  • Right Wing- The HQ's right 'wing'
  • AREA- A place dubbed Alzea Reaper Emera Alouga
  • CC Pyramid- A large chrome pyramid that telepots who ever enters it to Cyareak
  • Alpha Point- An area where missions are given
  • Prison- A prison for villans
  • Punishment Chambers- Chambers to punish evil souls (Punishments include the victim to behead the culprit or being pushed into the Furnace)
  • Hex Port
  • Crimsor Port
  • Xenovian Port
  • Phazor Port
  • Terradactyl Port
  • Osmosian Port
  • Plasmid Port
  • Chimera Port
  • Electrocombine Port
  • Centelipede Port
  • Myraxian Port
  • Dineran Port

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