NANo Empire, otherwise known as Empire NANo or NANooBs, is an enemy clan led by Focusq/ConfusedBunny, it'sprevious leader was Sharikahn, who was defeated in battle by the LAC

Eras of ClanEdit

NANo Era- Known only as NANo, they were nice at this time, until LBP2 arrived

Empire NANo Era- The clan changed it's name after Armageddon Empire opened it's wings to the world, it actually copied it's 'Empire' name, and instantly targeted TSA

Fall of NANo Era- After LAC found out about the targeting, they instantly targeted NANo, who called LAC 'Insects', giving Hardware an advantage by constanly spamming all of the NANo levels with 'INSECTS!', so took in more action, and LAc challenged them to battle, but co-leader Epic fought LAC, while Lightning Army leader fought TSA, LAC and TSA won through the opposing clan cheating (NANo used holograms, which everything goes through), LAC (With TSA) then beat NANo 2 on 2 (Mah and Hardware vs Focusq and Sharikahn)

New Empire Era- The LAC and NANo will fight again, but this time, NANo will fall, which, coincidently, it did, Focusq forfieted

Alliance Era- The LAC and EN allied together

New Age Revolution Era- NANo, like numerous clans, helped LAC take down TSCR

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