Myraxis is a planet on it's side, it is filled with trees on thier sides, things from other planets or space are natural, unless they stay there for too long, where they will fall into the gravity of Myraxis and will flip on thier side

In Revenge of Omega

In RoO, the heroes land their ship on the side of a large tree (as they cannot land on the ground), the player, who is escorted by the Silence, Flow, Grey and Skeltos, must use the grapple hook to climb up to the Shield Generator Tower (Which is also on it's side), Flow then slips and falls, Grey proclims that he won't make it, they make it to the tower, but as i is onit's side, they must be carefull, as they must grapple in that direction, and one mistake could take their lives, the player gets inside the facility, they are then encountered by 3 Drone-Ex Epsilon's who attack, the player must evade them, as there is no way to destroy them, the player the destroys the generator, which falls and narrowly misses the ship, the player and their company are greeted by Flow, who says a tree saved his lfe, they get back to the ship

In LAC: FS, SoM, WoO and RR

Myraxis has a major role in Forever Sky, Shadow of Malevolence, Wrath of Overlord and Robot Revelation, the latter being the most major, and the former two being minor, in Forever Sky, the heroes fly past it, Angel-Ion comments about it's marine life, and how animals thrive on it

In the Shadow of Malevolence, it appears only as a cameo, with no references to it, in Wrath of Overlord, it is the base of operations of CORE, who has demolished many trees to build a base where the inside gravity is that of Earth's and Murr's

In Robot Revolution, it is revealed to be home to just ONE base of CORE's, which turned out to just have a singal computer, which leads to the Computer Realms (Mad Matrix), where the heroes encounted Matrix and return through the same way


  • There is an upcoming LAC mech named MYRAXIS-871, a mech that walks only on walls
  • Myraxis will make a cameo in Project Halfearth and it's sequel as a planet very near to Argadia

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