Murr Gods are the main source of Murr

Murr GodsEdit

Angel-Ion Excalier- Fire

Fear: Nightmare/The Past

Favoured Object: Flying Plastic Bags

Immortus Charm: The Axe of Truth

Ability: Flame Body- Is unaffected by Ice attacks, prevents the Frozen status, gives the Burn status and can stay warm in icy terrains

Gender: Male, Married to Kaliegh Excalier

Treasure: Firey Drum

Piya-Ion Excalier- Lightning

Fear: The Void

Favoured Object: Shoes

Immortus Charm: The Lightning Whip

Ability: Lightning Body- Unaffected by Fire attacks, prevents the Burn status, gives the Paralysed status and illuminates dark areas

Gender: Male, Married to Jodene Excalier

Treasure: Thunder Cymbals

Posedon Aquissure- Water

Fear: Draining of the waters

Favoured Object: Twigs

Immortus Charm: The Oceanic Necklace

Ability: Undrainable- Unaffected by Leaf attacks

Gender: Male, Married to Leafene Aquissure

Treasure: Sea Banjo

Shockwave Armantos- Nature (He controls weather)

Fear: His love, Anglean, going into an endless rage

Favoured Object: His clothes

Immortus Charm: The Staff of Weather

Ability: Weather Drain- Regains HP during Rain, Harsh Sunlight, Harsh Moonlight, Hail, Fog, Sandstorm, Snow, Tornado, Hurricane and Drought

Gender: Male

Treasure: Weather Clarinet

Nexus Omnia- Thoughts

Fear: None, he fears off of it

Favoured Object: His armour

Immortus Charm: The Contamination Armour

Ability: Dream Eater- Damages enemies who have the Sleep status

Gender: Ungendered, Has Male Voice

Treasure: Thought Trumpet

Leafene Aquissure- Leaf

Fear: Fire

Favoured Object: Mayonaise

Immortus Charm: The Relic of Ressurection

Ability: Rain Dish- Heals in Rain

Gender: Female, Married to Posedon Aquissure

Treasure: Grass Whistle

Sandane Dunelis- Sand

Fear: Glass

Favoured Object: Hourglasses

Immortus Charm: The Hourglass of Death

Ability: Sandstorm- Causes an endless Sandstorm

Gender: Male

Treasure: Sand Saxaphone

Akuma Renegadus- Pain

Fear: None, he's ruthless, emotionless and fearless

Favoured Object: All of his weapons

Immortus Charm: The Deathtrix, his deadly sword

Ability: Spilled Blood- Attack raises each time an enemy is defeated

Gender: Male

Treasure: Blood Piano

Mekkai Omnia- Sound

Fear: He lives in the Debug Room, he fears nothing

Favoured Object: Socks

Immortus Charm: The Headphones of Doom

Ability: Soundproof- Unaffected by Sound attacks

Gender: Ungendered, Has Male Voice

Treasure: Techno Bass

Destructix Darkestra- Darkness

Fear: None, he lives off of it

Favoured Object: Anything evil

Immortus Charm: The Scepter of Darkness

Ability: Nightmare- Gives the Frightened status and darkens illuminated areas

Gender: Male

Treasure: Shadow Cornet

Tundrus Excalier- Ice

Fear: Ice melting

Favoured Object: Icicles

Immortus Charm: The Nevermeltice

Ability: Ice Body- Unaffected by Lightning attacks, prevents the Paralysed status, gives the Frozen status and can float on water

Gender: Male, Married to Lady Isica Excalier

Treasure: Ice Horn

Anglean Airex- Wind

Fear: Enragement

Favoured Object: Shockwave

Immortus Charm: The Sky Spear

Ability: Air Lock- Depletes weather

Gender: Female

Treasure: Sky Tambourine

Countdown Enoda- Time

Fear: None, he made time and knows all that happens

Favoured Object: His cloak

Immortus Charm: The Infinity Stopwatch

Ability: Time Freeze- Always moves first

Gender: Male

Treasure: Time Violin

Neon Enoda- Anti-Matter

Fear: None, he negates fear

Favoured Object: His Light Spear

Immortus Charm: The Distortion Compass

Ability: Distort- Easily can avoid attacks

Gender: Male

Treasure: Otherworldly Accordion

Axeon Enoda- Space

Fear: None, he knows all fears however

Favoured Object: Keys and keyholes

Immortus Charm: The Sword of Destiny

Ability: Void- Prevents escaping and able to flee from battle

Gender: Male

Treasure: Space Flute

Solaris Solaclipse- Solar

Fear: He slumbers all the time rather than fear anything

Favoured Object: Suns

Immortus Charm: The Sun Scythe

Ability: Sunrise- Illuminates darkened areas, makes the battlefield's Daytime setting turn to Noon and gives the Burned status

Gender: Male

Treasure: Sun Harp

Mudflax Aquissure- Earth

Fear: Water

Favoured Object: Rocks

Immortus Charm: The Indestrocktible Rock

Ability: Wrecker- Prevents the Paralysed status, unaffected by Lightning attacks

Gender: Male

Treasure: Rock Ocarina

Idris Omnia- Illusion

Fear: Nothing, he creates illusions of other's fears

Favoured Object: Trees in his home

Immortus Charm: The Illusion Cape

Ability: Illusion- Raises evasiveness

Gender: Ungendered, Has Male Voice

Treasure: Illusion Melodica

Xor Renegadus- Spirit

Fear: Nothing, she has high spirits and has no fear

Favoured Object: Swords

Immortus Charm: Unicron Sword

Ability: High Spirits- Characters on the same team can't be Frightened or Immobilized

Gender: Female

Treasure: Spirit Piccolo

Mephil Solaclipse- Moon

Fear: Nothing, but he is corrupt

Favoured Object: Shiny things

Immortus Charm: Buzzsaw of Moons

Ability: Moonrise- Darkens illuminated areas, makes the battlefield's Daytime setting turn to Midnight, also gives the Frozen status

Gender: Male

Treasure: Moon Bongos

Xanthus Brassiron- Steel

Fear: Nothing, he has a heart of steel (Pun intended)

Favoured Object: Iron Ore

Immortus Charm: The Megaton Hammer

Ability: Steel Clad- Unaffected by Lightning and Leaf attacks, also prevents the Poisoned and Paryalised

Gender: Male

Treasure: Steel Bassoon

Deadstice Darkestra- Afterlife

Fear: None

Favoured Object: Death and anything associated with it

Immortus Charm: Scythe of Death

Ability: Reap- Absorbs health from anyone with the Frightened status

Gender: Male

Treasure: Death Organ

Asylus Darkestra- Light

Fear: Light

Favoured Object: Light bulbs

Immortus Charm: Brightness Gloves

Ability: Brighten- Illuminaes dark areas and prevents the Frightened status

Gender: Female

Treasure: Heaven Harmonica

Radcore Acidite- Corrosion

Fear: Water

Favoured Object: Acid and vinegar

Immortus Charm: Acid Armour

Ability: Melt- Evasiveness is raised each turn

Gender: Male

Treasure: Acid Panflute

Forgixus Factoni- Creation

Fear: None, he either builds or sleeps

Favoured Object: Girders

Immortus Charm: Crown of Creation

Ability: Rebuild- Defence cannot be lowered

Gender: Male

Treasure: Construct Keval

Ivana Vennonia- Poison

Fear: Fire

Favoured Object: Vines

Immortus Charm: Bowl of Healing

Ability: Poison Barb- Poisons foes on contact

Gender: Female

Treasure: Poisoned Zurna

Lavos Acidite- Magma

Fear: None

Favoured Object: Lava and volcanoes

Immortus Charm: Melter Gauntlets

Ability: Magmarize- Gives the Burn status

Gender: Male

Treasure: Lava Bagpipe

Amaterasu Amariana- Peace

Fear: Destruction

Favoured Object: Anything peaceful

Immortus Charm: Wind Pacer

Gender: Female

Ability: Peace Weaver- Confuses foes on contact

Treasure: Wind Marimba


  • Mephil and Solaris' surname is a combo of Solar and Eclipse, Solar being Sun and Eclipse being Moon
  • Leafene and Posedon are married
  • Posedon and Mudflax' surname is a combo of Aqua and Fissure, Aqua being Water and Fissure being Earth
  • Xor and Akuma are brother and sister
  • Xanthus was the one behind the creation of the Megaton Hammer, he built it after the Iron Works was destroyed, it was stolen from him, he reshaped the Iron Works at this time, creating soldiers of steel to patrol, these soldiers look like Iron Knuckles, he also created four replicas of the Megaton Hammer before getting the original back from Angel-Ion
  • Brass Barnicles can be found in the Iron Works as well as the Water Temple
  • Ivana and Leafene are sisters, both fear fire
  • Amaterasu and Anglean are both animals, being a female wolf and female dragon