Each Murr God has it's own home place, simila to theSeven Treasures Holders from the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games


  • Angel-Ion- LAC Kingdom Angel-Ion's Cabin- Angel-Ion's house, it is located next to Caboose's Cabin and Genex's Cabin (Angel-Ions pervious home was Extreme Volcano, which is in LAC Kingdom)
  • Piya-Ion- Sky Stairway- A flight of stairs that led to 'heaven', anyone who goes there appears to never return in their bodies
  • Posedon- Bottomless Sea- The deepest sea on Murr, at the 'bottom', Posedon resides
  • Shockwave- Sky Arcadia- A place that has never been seen by people, only a few have sighted the residents
  • Nexus- Dream World- A world in people's dreams
  • Leafene- Tallest Forest- The largest forest on Murr, Leafene resides atop the most tallest tree
  • Sandane- Sand Dune Desert- A small desert full of quicksand, Sandane resides inside the quicksand
  • Akuma- Castle of Akuma- A castle where only few have entered, it looks similar to Ganon's Tower from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
  • Mekkai- Hyperspace- A world that is like a video game
  • Destructix- Dark Hole- A holde that leads to world of darkness
  • Tundrus- Ice Path- An extremely large path of ice, nobody has ever made it across, as they either slip off and fall to their death, or, if any chance of fling, is strangel turned around
  • Anglean- Sky Arcadia- (See Shockwave)
  • Countdown- Time Tower- A tower where time was created
  • Neon- Otherworld Abyss- An 'otherworldly' place
  • Axeon- Place of Beginning- The place where the Murr Gods were born
  • Solaris- Sunrise Cave- A cave where suns are created
  • Mudflax- Mt. Got To Go Cavern- The largest mountain on Murr, nobody knows it's secrets
  • Nexus- Dreamyard- A dream world
  • Idris- Waterfall of Illusia- A waterfall that creates illusions of one's desires
  • Xor- Castle of Xor- A castle that is a mix of a fortress and an old English castle
  • Mephil- Moonfall Caven- A cavern where moons are made
  • Xanthus- Old Abandonned Iron Works- An abandonned factory that made steel, also known for making the Megaton Hammer


  • Angel-Ion, Xor, Shockwave, Countdown, Xanthus and Akuma are the only Murr Gods who reside in buildings
  • It is revealed that Mudflax created Mt. Got To Go
  • Axeon, Neon and Countdown are assumed to be a play of Palkia, Dialga and Giratina of the Pokemon franchise, as Axeon created space (Palkia), Countdown created time (Dialga) and Neon created anti-matter (Giratina), also, similar to Dialga and Temporal Tower of the Mystery Dungeon games, Countdown resides in Time Tower, which is a play of the aformentioned residence of Mystery Dungeon's Dialga
  • Mephil' and Solaris' homes are opposites, Moon and Sun, and Fall and Rise, one is a cave and the other a cavern, cave and cavern aren't opposites however
  • Akuma and Xor are brother and sister, they both own thier own castle

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