Mt. Got To Go, also known as Mount Got To Go or Mt. Gtg, is the tallest mountain on Murr, it is home to Murr God Mudflax

Places of InterestEdit

Death Ball Ruins- After the Death Ball fell from the skies after it's core was destroyed, it crashed on top of Mt. Gtg, the Death Ball was then overun by decay and nature, after a while, the man from legends resides here, he has virtually bonded with nature and became Naturoid, he was able control both the Death Ball and each large root tha smothered over his body, he then developed an intrest of kidnapping girls and restraining them to walls with roots, it is unknown what he did to his victims

Terra Cave- A cavern was found one day, it had 7 split paths, the person who discvered it mounted up a team of twelve to search them, they brought signs with them so others know where they are going, two people found a hidden path, they went in and discovered Mudflax, they ran off and posted a sign saying 'Stay Out!', but one was foolish to return there, the other person followed, trying to get his colleague to come back, the colleague was vapourised by Mudflax, the other person ran away, but Mudflax chased him, the person hid himself from the world, but was not able to escape the field of the mountain, so he climbed up to the peak, where he built a small home out of nearby rocks and trees, years later, his home were crushed by the Death Ball, where he now lives

Hot Spring- Despite being a mountain, Mt. Gtg has a hot spring, it is a place where Magmostoises swarm, it is where Crag and his clan resid

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