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Minecraft Story is a story revolving 6 villages and a castle on a tiny Minecraft planet called Erago, the world has been dominated by the Rodmians, the 6 villages thrive and gain bigger lands and move from village to town to city

The VillagesEdit


Edenville is the largest of the 6 villages, notable for having stolen houses from Deerland, such as the bar and the guest hotel, thier rival is Deerland and own a cave called Darkspine Cave


The rival of Edenville, Deerland is the target of having things stolen, such as chests full of goods and houses removed, the bartender (Meatman) is the victim of the attacks made by Edenville's thief (Scarletspeed09), who has done several things such as burying him and having him dug out by his neighbors


Edenville's ally, they have a trade market where they trade stolen goods with them


The town that is hated by the Rodmians, the Rodmians have the pleasure of sending them to Rodmian Cave, then sealing the entrance and stealing the entire village, after 3 of the Appleby villagers died and spawned far away, the remaining two went to Castle Rodmius, one fell into the moat of lava and spawned far away, the remaining villager was left to roam the lands after realising that the other villagers had become inhabitants of Pozard, Deerland and Redstone


One of the other villages, they own a cave called Redstone Cave, which they built


One of the other villages, the docks are located here

Castle RodmiusEdit

Main Article: Rodmian

Castle Rodmius the the castle owned by King Rodmius (Rodmius-01), they enjoy attacking Appleby after it is rebuilt, they own four caves and allow the trades between Halford and Edenville, they enjoy Edenville and Halford's motives of stealing and trading

Rodmius SettlementsEdit

Rodimus Cove

Rodimius Field

Rodmian Cave

Redforth Beach

Places of InterestEdit

Dusk Cave

Apple Woods

Indigo Island

Statue of 'Our King'

Creeper Cave

Darkspine Cave

Rodimian Cave

Challenger's Cave

Traveller's House


Erago is a world domnated by the Rodmians, the world has only 6 islands, one populated by the 6 villages, the rest is owned by the Rodmians or the village's expansions

Arfou is the island where the villages are, it's reigons are the Rodmian Castle, Violet Field, Rexis Island, The Badlands and Mount Trex

Rodmia is an island where the Rodmians come from, the island has yet been travelled to by 5 of the 6 village's villagers, the only villager to do so was from Appleby

Man-Made Island is an island made by Redforth's founder (Redman12)

The other two islands are unknown to villagers, but were explored by the Traveller

The Traveller found that one island was uncharted and named it Blokyland, he rose suspicion of Rodmians, who shortly and killed the Traveller, stole his stuff, and conquered the island, naming it The Island of Nothing

The Traveller and his HouseEdit

The Traveller (BlokyKnite) was from Appleby, it was literally removed, being shipped to Rodmia by two Rodmians (Earthy123 & Iamsock) for Rodmian houses, he had ventured the lands to find treasures to build a home, he built a home after he discovered 'Blokyland' after it, he was shortly killed and spawned elsewhere, and had his stuff stolen as the comments implied 'The spoils! They're ours!', 'The fool thinks he can name our new land, we shall take his stuff, and build a castle here' and 'Yayz! Spoilz! Lololololol', the Traveller then made his way back to Arfou, and built a house, later being half stolen (Scarletspeed09), half destroyed (Creepers), he got pissed off, but rebuilt the house on Mount Trex

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