Matthew Kingsley, also known as The Boss or Matt, is a tall being who owns the Skunk Factory, a place where he enslaves people, he works alongside Gizoid, his tiny companion (Who was crushed to death during the prison break at LAC Asylum), and his assistant, who is also enslaved by the Boss (He later escapes), he sends Gizoid to send the LAC on a 'mission' to investigate his factory, only for Angel-Ion and Caboose to arrive and soon find out the factory's secret, the Boss traps them both and keeps them in cage, where Angel-Ion and Caboose break free by throwing the cage to capture Gizoid and the assistant, where the Boss only flees and creates a Dimension Hole, whilst Caboose tampers with a machine, the Boss flees through the hole with Angel-Ion chasing him, only for him to fall into a cage, the Boss and Gizoid are sent to prison

He escaped LAC Asylum a year later with other villains, including his tiny robot companion, Judge and Drone-Ex Omega, Phazorus ran the escape, they split up afterwards, later only a few meeting up at the meeting point, whereas the rest, including Gizoid, had died, he has created a new Gizoid since then

In LAC: The Skylord, he appears as only a boss, as the story has no true villain, here, his past and name are revealed, as well the entire Empire City, he had killed the original manager of the factory, enslaving all of the workers, he had been doused with a type of green acid, which is why his skeleton is visible, he replaced the ingredients of the coke sold with the same acid, keeping the ingredients within a vault, using them for his own pleasures

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