Who is Mario? Edit

Mario is a world famous Nintendo game character and their mascot. Mario is so popular that he even has truckloads of merchandise and even a continuing racing series Called Mario Kart.

The Beginning Edit

Mario was originally known as jumpman in the game 'Donkey Kong'. In Donkey Kong, Jumpman had to save Princess Pauline from his pet ape. Kong would throw barrels that had to be jumped over or risk a life. Jumpman was now to be featured in his own game and was from this point on known as Mario. So the next game was Mario Bros. This was another one screen game which described his job as plumber. The screen had four pipes and the enemies came from these. To win, you had to hit the opponents from underneath and kick them off the screen. This game also had a co-op mode where player 2 could play his brother, Luigi. But it was only after that Mario would revolutionise the gaming industry by going into a new world that we know as the mushroom kingdom and create the basis for what all platformers are. The game was... 'Super Mario Bros.'

What came of it Edit

Super Mario Bros. was, and still widely is, thought to be the greatest platformer ever made. So Mario kept going into the series with Super Mario Bros. 2 & 3 for the NES and then, Super Mario World for the SNES which introduced the world to Yoshi, Mario's dinosaur companion. Mario has even had his fair share of spin offs such as Mario Paint, Mario Kart, Mario Party and so on. Even Square has helped make some of them like Super Mario RPG and Mario Hoops.

Mario today Edit

Mario is still going on the Wii and DS with 3D polygonal graphics, amazing control, and each game can be enjoyed by anybody.

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