&nbsp Here is a list of every character who is in the Phazon Army


  • Phazorus- The supreme leader, he disbands in until a later date where he regains his rule
  • Missile- Theleade of the Bounty Hunters and Phazorus' right hand man, he led the Phazon army under the name of the Neo Phazon army, creating a cyber suit in the proceeds
  • Blizzarda- Phazorus' girlfriend and a second leader


  • Krypton
  • Dark Steel- The leader of the Assassins
  • Shock
  • Spark

Bounty HuntersEdit

  • Missile- Leader of the Bounty Hunters
  • J
  • Hoodlum
  • Mecha
  • Megetzit
  • Morphius
  • Eight
  • Masked Man
  • Devostata
  • Sharpshooter


  • Scar- Leader of the Slayers
  • Centagonist
  • Sideways
  • Avalancha
  • Blizzarda
  • Hyperock
  • Scythe


  • SladeIron- Leader
  • Argus
  • Piston
  • FlashBang
  • Bastion
  • HAL

The Drone-Ex ArmyEdit

  • Drone-Ex Omega- Leader
  • Tissue
  • Waltz
  • Silver Bullet
  • Big Daddy


  • Phazora- A ninja
  • Rage
  • Czar
  • Cyanus
  • Unfezra
  • Xephon


  • Bivalvan


  • Rape Monkey
  • Akuma (Mind Control)
  • Shockwave (Mind Control)
  • Posedon (Mind Control)
  • Vex (Mind Control)
  • Natroid (Mind Conrol)
  • Ethradex (Mind Control)

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