Here is a list of Birthday Presents given to characters

Angel-Ion's PresentsEdit

  • Xtransceiver Mk V (From Fenderson)
  • Chaos Gaunlets (From Destructix)
  • Dreamcatcher (From Nexus)
  • Lightning Spear (From Piya-Ion)
  • Nevermeltice (From Tundrus)
  • Dragon Dew Necklace (From Posedon, is a solid dew drop with a picture of a blue dragon)
  • Golden Door Knob (From Mekkai)
  • Sword of Ahoy (From Captain Blue)
  • Lucky the Labrador (From Ginny)
  • Phazon Keyblade (From Phazorus)
  • Bottomless Bag of Chocolate (From Andreas)
  • Crimson Deux Sword (From Crimsane)
  • Fangora Fang Necklace (From Phazora)
  • Serpent Scale (From X)
  • Hyphen's 2nd Staff (From Hyphen)

Ginny's PresentsEdit

  • Limited Edition Handbag (From Angel-Ion)
  • Phazon Omnisword (From Phazorus)