Here is a list of all of the known abilities

Known AbilitiesEdit

Flame Body- Is unaffected by Ice attacks, prevents the Frozen status, gives the Burn status and can stay warm in icy terrains

Lightning Body- Unaffected by Fire attacks, prevents the Burn status, gives the Paralysed status and illuminates dark areas

Unsoakable- Unaffected by Grass attacks

Weather Drain- Regains HP during Rain, Harsh Sunlight, Hail, Fog, Sandstorm, Snow, Tornado, Hurricane and Drought

Dream Eater- Damages enemies who have the Sleep status

Rain Dish- Heals in Rain

Sandstorm- Causes an endless Sandstorm

Spilled Blood- Attack raises each time an enemy is defeated

Soundproof- Unaffected by Sound attacks

Nightmare- Gives the Frightened status and darkens illuminated areas

Ice Body- Unaffected by Lightning attacks, prevents the Paralysed status, gives the Frozen status and can float on water

Air Lock- Depletes weather

Time Freeze- Always moves first

Distort- Easily can avoid attacks

Void- Prevents escaping and able to flee from battle

Sunrise- Illuminates darkened areas and gives the Burn status

Wrecker- Prevents the Paralysed status, unaffected by Lightning attacks

Illusion- Raises evasiveness Wolf Cry- Raises Special Attack when given a Status Problem

High Spirits- Characters on the same team can't be Frightened or Immobilized

Moonrise- Darkens illuminated areas, makes the battlefield's Daytime setting turn to Midnight, also gives the Frozen status

Steel Clad- Unaffected by Lightning and Leaf attacks, also prevents the Poisoned and Paryalised

Reap- Absorbs health from anyone with the Frightened status

Brighten- Illuminaes dark areas and prevents the Frightened statusMelt- Evasiveness is raised each turn

Rebuild- Defence cannot be lowered

Poison Barb- Poisons foes on contactGives the Burn status

Fearless- Raises Attack if given a Status problem, also prevents the Frightened Status Rage Blaster- When pushed to the limit, it's attack, Rage Blaster, will cause maximum damag

Moxie- Raises Attack after hitting opponent with an attack

Status Pass- Takes a Status problem from an ally

Mind Trick- If an enemy is confused, it will confuse it into joining thier side until the end of the battle Dry Skin- Unharmed by Water Attacks

Dark Blast- Fires a blsck ball of energy

Levitate- Unharmed by Earth attacks

Lesbian- Can Attract foes of the same gender (Female)

Sturdy- Cannot be knocked out in one hit

Keen Eye- Prevents loss of Evassiveness and Accuracy

Static- Causes Paryalisis

Oblivious- Cannot be Attracted

Religious- Cannot be Cursed

Fear Fighter- Cannot be Frightened

Poison Coat- Cannot be Poisoned

Hydro Body- Cannot be Burned

Heat Body- Cannot be Frozen

Own Tempo- Cannot be Confused

Machine Heart- Cannot be Immobilized

Coffee Work- Cannot fall Asleep

Shocking Body- Cannot be Paryalised

Never Fall- Cannot Faint

Trap Disarmer- Cannot be Trapped

Gastro Acid- Cannot be Leeched

Dark Coil- Absorbs all Lightning attacks and converts it into Special Attack

Roots- Heals itself if Raining

Hotheaded- Attack raises after taking a hit

Intimidate- Cuts the foe's attack

Heavy Infantry- Starts off slow, graduley gets faster

Spring Step- Speed is raised each turn

Guts- Attack and Defence are raised if Burned or Paryalised

Spiky Shell- Damages foe on contact

Swift- Speed is raised each turn

Cold Body- Gives the foe the Frozen status after taking contact

Mindless- Will attack at random

Scaffold- Defence will graduly repair itself if lowered

Haunt- Can give the Frightened status