Lemon Allstars Clan Tales is a series of episodes that are about different mascots in the LAC, there are 21 episodes in total, including the movie (Battle of the Sea


  1. The Tales Begin- An introduction to Angel-Ion
  2. Gravy's Great Adventure- Gravy the Lizard and Freckles the Lizard go on an adventure
  3. Goats from a Cloud- Anglean has been stealing goats from farms and only Piya-Ion can save them
  4. Angel-Ion vs Piya-Ion- Angel-Ion and Piya-Ion have a battle that leaves massive devastation
  5. Flux Rays- Mekkai creates Hyper Space and opens a Beta run, chaos ensuses
  6. Solaris' Sunny Days- At the begining of time, after Murr is created, Solaris creates a sun to try and heat Murr, but he needs Angel-Ion's help
  7. Fight at Rakel Peak Part 1- A battle ensuses at the top of Rakel Mountain between Nexus, Mekkai and Anglean
  8. Fight a Rakel Peak Part 2- The battle continues after Missile, a bounty hunter joins the fight
  9. Episode of the Nine- Eight un-named characters and Gravy are trapped in a large room, only one can escape, Gravy escapes in time
  10. Nexus' Dream- Neus has a dream about what the future holds for Murr
  11. Hyper Space- Phazorus breaks into Hyper Space and attacks, coming across the Debug Room, where the takes down Mekkai and takes him to the Missle Spaceflyer, where Mekkai is imprioned by Phazorus and Missile
  12. Neon's Fight- Neon and Anglean have a battle that parodies Pokemon: Destiny Deoxys, where Rayquaza (Replaced by Anglean) nd Deoxys (Replaced by Neon) fight each other
  13. The Great Beyond- Shockwave is Phazorus' next target and captures him, only for Anglean to save her best friend... and Mekkai
  14. Mekkai's Big Break- After Mekkai is freed, he closes Hyper Space unti he comes back from a vacation
  15. Anglean vs Posedon- Arieal Seas- Posedon and Anglean fight each other
  16. Phazorus vs Crimsane Part 1- Title tells you what happens
  17. Phazorus vs Chrimsane Part 2- Title tells you what happens
  18. The Battle of Murr Part 1- Nexus, Anglean, Phazorus, Angel-Ion, Crimsane, Piya-Ion, Axeon, Missile, Mekkai, Gravy, Freckles, Shockwave and Tundrus are caught up in a big battle around Murr
  19. The Battle of Murr Part 2- The battle leads to time being frozen and only the brawlers can revert the damage
  20. The Final Battle (The Battle of Murr Part 3)- Missile, Freckles, Mekkai, Crimsane, Piya-Ion, Anglean and Tundrus are frozen in time during the battle, the remaining Murr Gods (Including Gravy) try to revert the damage, but Phazorus persues them, it ends with time going back to norml and Phazorus and Missile are jailed
  21. Battle of the Sea (Movie)

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