Episodes 34 to 40 is a set of 6 episodes, they are all part of a new arc called Blue Aspertra Arc

Rise of the TitansEdit

Rise of the Titans is the first episode, where Caboose is found stranded at a Red Skull Republic Fortress, where he finds Dynamo, they then return to Neox HQ, where Caboose's ship flies away, Angel-Ion then flies in on a ship which he stole from Missile and modified, just as they greet, the ship and Caboose disappears, Angel-Ion then gets a new one, while Dynamo forms a team, Caboose manages to escape the Titans, nearly killing Titan Leader, later, Dark Trinity and Night X kidnap Dynamo and brainwash him, they try to do it with Titan Leader, who destroys the machine and flees, he then sucks out the energy of Phazor Tower and attempts to brek into Neox HQ, but to no avail, he suddenly teleports inside and sucks out the sheild energy and flies away, Dark Trinity arrives with an army of brainwashed people, claiming that he 'Hates it when somebody does his job', he jumps into a destroyed area of Neox HQ, to find Angel-Ion enraged and has transformed into Daemon Angel-Ion out of anger


'After a devastating attack, Caboose was suddenly captured by the Titans, but the luck fellow evaded their motives and escaped, the Titan Leader is now charging at full speed in search of him, with Team Dynamo, Angel-Ion and the mysterious Dak Trinity towing behind...'

New OrleansEdit

The 2nd part of the arc, Caboose is forced into hiding from Titan Leader, who is now searching for him in New Orleans, Earth, Angel-Ion has caught up with him and is being stalked by Team Dynamo and Dark Trinity, while they are there, they defeat the Titan Leader and return to Murr, where they are met by a new package


After the previous episode ending with an arrival of a package, Team Dynamo enter the room, but Pendleton states that he 'Recognises that symbol', the workers finish contruction and activate the machine, who names himself Digitus, Caboose and Angel-Ion then enter the Digitus World, where they hack into a file with contents of Blue Aspertra creations, two of which are Pendleton and Digitus, they then hack into a file with the password 'Protogun', they then find out a location of Blue Aspertra's factory, they then escape and set off to find the factory

The FactoryEdit

Caboose and Angel-Ion find the small cave, but the duo fnd it empty, but only has a few paintings and a skull, Angel-Ion enters Espa Vision, he sees that there is a metal platform beneath them, Caboose picks up the skull, the rock floor opens up to reveal the platform, the duo are taken to the factory, where they encounter Dark Trinity and Night X

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