First Cut

LAC Chronicles: First Cut is a series of episodes where real-lfe characters of the LAC, Akatsuki and TSA fight the forces of Judgingjudy999, the series contains Profanity (Swearing) and Blood & Gore, it was cut due to story changes, it was added to Two Stories as a bonus

Caboose, Risu, Hardware, Judge, ChrisWolf and Mah are the main characters


Episode 1: The story begins with Hardware and Judge confronting each other, Risu is caged up, Mah and some TSA and LAC members attack Judge, leaving Hardware able to free Risu, so he frees Caboose with a bomb, then Caboose makes his way to Risu's cage, later, Hardware encounters Judge yet again, where Hardware tells Judge to stop his evil ways, Risu, Mah and Caboose turn up to see Judge kill Hardware by stabbing him, Caboose shouts 'YOU BASTARD!!!' and Judge manically laughs

Controlable Character: Hardware34, Clone of Hardware (2 to 4 Player Characters)

Episode 2: The next day, Hardware is buried at where he had his first date with his first girlfriend, Cooper (An Akatsuki), it was on a cliff, with a few trees nearby, a shadowy figure watches from a tree and Caboose blames himself for Hardware's death

Controlable Character: Caboose1424563, Risuthesquirell, SuperHeroMAH, Dane (Cameo Character) (Risu, Mah and Dane are 2 to 4 Player Characters)

Episode 3: Caboose mounts up an LAC meeting, he tells the Kage group (As well as the TSA leaders) that he and Risu are the next in line to lead the LAC, Risu proclaims this is true as he and Caboose are the Second-In-Commands, Mah then tells the group that he will get TSA organized and Risu tells Caboose that they must get the LAC ready as well, but Caboose says that he is going to 'pay somebody a visit' and leaves, Risu thinks he means by to kill of Judge, who sends them a transmittion that he is in his space station and is preparing to fire a deadly beam at LAC Island and it's surroundings

Controlable Character: Caboose1424563, Clone of Caboose (2 to 4 Player Characters)

Episode 4: Caboose makes his way to a rocky area in a robe, he meets Cooper here, he asks 'Did you hear about what happened?', Cooper replies 'Yeah! Judge killed Hardware, so unfortunate...', Caboose then says 'It's all my fault!' and begins to cry, Cooper tells him not to take it that way and that it isn't his fault, Cooper then takes Caboose to meet ChrisWolf, the leader of the Akatsuki, he claims that he saw the funeral from atop a tree, and that he got a message from Judge that Judge will destroy the Akatsuki as well as the LAC, Mah and Risu appear and Mah says 'And TSA!', the group split up, ChrisWolf and Caboose make thier way to the Akatsuki hideout, where he informs the Kage in the room (Sagim-Ninja, RoseGirl4Eva, IceForLife, DarkSteel, Flareblitz and NightmareEden) that Judge will attack at any moment, Caboose then tells them that he will destroy Akatsuki as well as TSA and LAC, ChrisWolf then says that Akatsuki, TSA and LAC have to join forces, later, all 3 clans meet up in a high tech cave, where the Kages from each discuss how they are going to stop Judge, Caboose says they must search for the Relic of Resurrection to ressurect Hardware

Controlable Character: ChrisWolf119 (This character uses attacks from Akatsuki Chronicles 2), Cooper2699, Sagim-Ninja, Nightmare Eden (Cooper, Sagim-Ninja and Eden are 2 to 4 Player Characters)

Episode 5: The search for the Relic begins, Risu finds a temple with a symbol the represents the relic, so he mounts up a group (Nistarx, BigSlick and two others) to help him search the temple, each with a string that leads back to the entrance of the temple, Risu finds the relic but after he picks it up, a trap door opens, he falls down and drops the string, he puts the relic in his rucksack, and then tries to escape the temple, he gets lost, so he calls for help, which leads to BigSlick contacting Mah for help

Controlable Character: Risuthesquirell, Clone of Risu (2 to 4 Player Character)

Episode 6: Mah makes his way to the temple and tells a bunch of people (17 TSA, LAC and Akatsuki members) to dig up the temple in order to find Risu, he finds the trap door closed with Risu's string wedged in the middle, he takes another route, only to get lost himself, he finds Risu with the relic, as they find they are trapped forever, Nistarx digs out a hole that finds the duo

Controlable Character: SuperHeroMAH, Clone of Mah (2 to 4 Player Character)

Episode 7: Caboose carries the relic to Hardware's tombstone, where he arrises, everybody looks at him in shock, the dead flesh on his body fixes up and the area where he was stabbed returns to normal, Mah, Risu, Hardware, Caboose and ChrisWolf then discuss about Judge and how they will defeat him, they then split up to get parts for a rocket ship

Controlable Character: Hardware34, Caboose1424563, Risuthesquirrel, SuperHeroMAH, ChrisWolf119 (This character uses attacks from Akatsuki Chronicles 2)

Episode 8: The 3 clans build three rockets, but all they need is energy, Hardware seeks out that he knows where some is, he sends BigSlick, Nistarx Sackboy-Forever and Sagim-Ninja to collect it

Controlable Character: BigSlick440, Nistarx, Sagim-Ninja, Sackboy-Forever (This character uses attacks from Akatsuki Chronicles 2)

Episode 9: This episode shows all 3 clans outside thier own exclusive rockets, a diagram of Judge's Space Station appears and Hardware says he'll take point A, Mah takes point B and ChrisWolf takes point C, they get in thier rockets

Controlable Characters: Hardware34, SuperHeroMAH, ChrisWolf119, Caboose1424563 (4 Player Character) (All attacks are disabled)

Episode 10: All 3 teams go to thier chosen points, and make thier way to the control room, they eventually meet Judge, who summons a demon known as Draycos, Hardware, Mah and ChrisWolf tell the others to evacuate, they destroy Draycos and leave Judge injured on the ground, Hardware sets the ship to self destruct and each character makes thier way back to thier rocket, they escape and the Space Station blows up, killing anyone inside

(This episode has 5 alternate endings)

Controlable Characters: Hardware34, SuperHeroMAH, ChrisWolf119, Caboose1424563 (4 Player Character)

Alternate EndingsEdit

True Ending- Hardware, Mah and ChrisWolf make it back to thier ships

Bad Ending (Hardware doesn't make it back)- Hardware doesn't make it back in time and dies

Bad Ending (Mah doesn't make it back)- Mah doesn't make it back in time and dies

Bad Ending (ChrisWolf doesn't make it back)- ChrisWolf doesn't make it back in time and dies

True Bad Ending (Nobody makes it back)- None of the above make it back and the rockets blow up along with the Space Station, making every character in die

The Dark SideEdit

The Dark Side is the first LAC Chronicles series, being 21 episodes long (One of wihich being an Epilogue), starring in the series is LAC, Chimeran Empire, MPSC and Chaos Clan, the latter two are the villains


  • LAC Canyon Base
  • Battlefield
  • Eldar Forest
  • Meadow of Honour
  • Noxus Bridge
  • Depth Gorge
  • Seynora Cliffs
  • Tundra Creavice
  • Dark Crater
  • Death Valley
  • MPSC Weapons Factory
  • MPSC Base
  • Path of the Dead
  • Chaos City
  • Castle of Chaos


In the dephs of Ikana Canyon, Mike (SuperMike200), fourth commander of the LAC, is doing computer research, he suddenly finds the servers to their enemy, the MPSC, he hacks into it, Mike then notices that MPSC is onto them and a message pops up on them that MPSC has declared war on LAC, he then calls out to Hardware (Hardware34) about it, then his screen the overloads where MPSC had sent hoards of viruses to it, making it explode, Hardware then calls Caboose (Caboose) and Genex (Jeanuk) to hs assistance, the four then discuss, Hardware contacts an unseen character, who says they will be a bit late, MPSC ships then bombard the base, the LAC had escaped before it is fully destroyed, taking all machines and weapons with them, they see the MPSC on the battlefield, they prepare for battle

Before the battle started, the teleporter set up by Sackboy (SACKBOY4EVER) and Edd (EDD43) begins to function, emerging from it are 4 figures, who are followed out byhoardes of troops, it is the Chimeran Empire, Chimera (ChimeranDinos, the leader) tells why he took so long

After Chimera has finished his story, they are greeted by blood red drop pods, Chaos Clan emerge from them, their leader, Dark (DarkInfection) greets AandJ, Hardware tries to make a deal with Dark, who refuses, the LAC and Chimeran Empire start to lose soldiers, Hardware immediately tells everybody to evacuate and meet up at their other base, Seynora Cliffs, Hardware is accompanied by Caboose, Genex, Mike, Chimera and three soldiers, they enter the Eldar Forest

In the Eldar Forest, the band of heroes appear to be lost, Caboose makes a remark asking if they were lost, also stating that they need to rest, so Hardware sets up camp, that night they share stories until they see shadows outside the two tents, they are greeted by Sonic (Soniccreator) and Little Devil (LittleDevil27), they are welcomed into the tents, later on, they hear shouting, which pisses Hardware off, as he was asleep, they send one of the soldiers to check it out, he disappears for a small while, he returns really twitchy, Hardware then looks suspicious, and gets his sword, he then killed the soldier, he then reveals to the others that it was a Chaos Troop, they are forced to move the tents, the enemies apear to have torches

The heroes hear the enemies get closer as the sun begins to rise, meanwhile, Sweet Assassin (VSweet_AssassinV) decides to set the forest on fire, Hardware, meanwhile, beins to smell the fire, he yells 'SHIIIIT! FIRE!!!', they imidiately pack their stuff, minus one of the tents, which is burnt up, they manage to escape the forest into the Meadow of Honour

Body of ShadowsEdit

Body of Shadows is the sequel of The Dark Side, returning here is the LAC, MPSC, Chimeran Empire, Chaos Clan has now became AA, one of three new villainous teams, MPSC will revolve around AandJ663's resurrection, a new team, the FCS (Actually taken from First Cut), led by JudgingJudy999 and DohertyTwins, the third new villain team has not yet been confirmed, the two hero teams will be getting three new allies: Recluse Clan, Cyber Clan and Lamstar Clan, led by Gallefrey10, BeachFamily2010 and Lewis3250 respectively, there is currently no plot, but 22 episodes have been confirmed (Including a Prologue and Epilogue)




  • Hardware34
  • Caboose1424563
  • Jeanuk
  • SuperMike200
  • Soniccreator
  • Vitessekid
  • Svenak47
  • EDD43

Chimeran EmpireEdit

  • ChimeranDinos
  • LittleDevil27
  • Kyle-_-400
  • TomGirl553


  • Gallefrey10

Cyber ClanEdit

  • BeachFamily2010


  • Lewis3250


  • Tug_o_War


'AA'/Chaos ClanEdit

  • DarkInfection
  • Pumberbee400
  • 'Scarecrow'
  • 'StarKiller'
  • Death_337
  • VSweet_AssassinV


  • AandJ663


  • JudgingJudy999
  • DohertyTwins


  • The Meadow of Honour is a parody of the video game series, Medal of Honour

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