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Here is a list of all of the LAC Emmisary Chapters in order


Chapter 1: The Story Unfolds- Angel-Ion, Caboose & Risu meet for the first time, Caboose and Risu are recruited into the LAC, the 3 do missions

Chapter 2: Phazorus- Phazorus is introduced as a villain, he recruits 10 characters to be Bounty Hunters

Chapter 3: The Battle of the LAC- The LAC go into a battle with the Phazons, while Angel-Ion fights his youngest brother, Piya-Ion

Chapter 4: The New HQ- Several weeks pass by and Neox HQ stands tall on a hill near Extreme Volcano, it is attacked by Phazorus

Chapter 5: The Crimson Army- Crimsane is introduced as an ally to the LAC, he also appears to be Phazorus' mortal enemy

Chapter 6: The Seige- The LAC Kingdom begins to be built, but Extreme Volcano becomes a battlefield for Phazorus and Crimsane

Chapter 7: Mission 100- Angel-Ion gets his 100th mission, but it isn't as it seems

Chapter 8: The Kingdom- The LAC Kingdom is finally built and is populated by an hour

Chapter 9: Call of the Gods- Angel-Ion is called to help Mekkai create Hyperspace, however the LAC Kingdom is attacked

Chapter 10: Unknown War- The events of Unknown War occur, Flint and co manage to save his home (The Zero Zone) from peril

Chapter 11: Love Life- Caboose, Risu and Gravy manage to get girlfriends, so Angel-Ion tries to woo several girls, he manages to woo Shanie Herthia to be his girlfriend after a fortnight

Chapter 12: Skunk Factory- The Boss is introduced and imprisons Angel-Ion and Caboose, he is arrested

Chapter 13: Departure- Risu departs from the LAC for a while to aid his race in battle against the Red Wolves

Chapter 14: Red vs Blue- Phazorus and Crimsane cross pathes again and battle, Phazorus escapes and meets Avalancha and Blizzarda

Chapter 15: Alpha Point- Caboose and Angel-Ion are called to the abandoned LAC Asylum, they are decived, noting that the mission was given by Phazorus' Bounty Hunter Megetzit, they are all abducted by Roed

Chapter 16: Treasure- Phazorus and Overlord go round defeating each Murr God and obtaining thier treasure, they then go to Melody Reach and open the Hallway of All

Chapter 17: Ruler of All- After Phazorus and Overlord open the Hallway of All, they are joined by Caboose and Angel-Ion, they are surrounded by the Bounty Hunters, but are saved by the arrival of Risu, Overlord decives Phazorus and claims to be the Ruler of All, but is stopped by Caboose

Chapter 18: Where in the World is Caboose- Caboose is breifly removed from existence and meets SlyShift, he manages to return however

Chapter 19: Revenge of Omega- The events of Revenge of Omega take place, Flint's son, Claus, is kidnapped and only Flint and co can save him from the clutches of Drone-Ex Omega, Tissue, Missile and the Mysterious Masked Man

Chapter 20: Darkest Trinity- Dark Trinity is introduced, he tries to dominate the LAC, Murr and Earth, he is defeated however

Chapter 21: Phazorus' Ruse- Phazorus abducts Shanie and takes her to the Field of Whirr, he opens the rift to the Whirtle Zone and throws Shanie in, he, Zero and Rage are sucked in however

Chapter 22: Neo Phazon Army- After his loss, Angel-Ion uses Shanie's final words to find a new girlfriend, however, he learns of the Neo Phazon Army & fights Neodymium Missile, which is Missile wearing a powerful cyber suit

Chapter 23: The Return- After Phazons tend to Missile in a hospital after his injuries, Avalancha & Scar travel to Ferral Falls to bring back Phazorus, which is a success, bringing back Phazorus, Rage & Zero, but after a disagreement, Phazorus kills Zero, whose body is sucked back into the rift, Phazorus then sets of to an Earth wizarding school called Hogwarts to obtain hairs from teachers and students

Chapter 24: Nightmare- Shade is introduced and causes chaos, only to be stopped by Ring Ripper, Venomus, Angel-Ion and Crimsane

Chapter 25: The Freeze- Phazorus returns and puts Missile in charge of creating clones while he awakens Bivalvan

Chapter 27: Betrayal- Phazorus finds that Phazora and Bivalvan have betrayed him

Chapter 28: Abundance- Angel-Ion realises that Phazorus is up to no good, so he infiltrates his base and finds that he has successfully cloned Ginny Weasley, but the other clones die immediately, Angel-Ion rescues Ginny from Phazorus, and Angel-Ion tells her that she isn't the real version, they begin dating

Chapter 29: Seven Day War- The Onmious Alliance & the Blood Alliance wage war on each other, ending in the Onmious Alliance's victory

Chapter 30: Eater of Worlds- Upcoming Chapter

Chapter 31: Doom Desire- The Doom travels into Risu's memories, but Hyphen & Risu give chase

Chapter 32: King Phazorus- Phazorus becomes king of the South-Eastern Crossphere of Murr, but is overthrown by Crimsane

Chaper 33: Caboose vs the World- A weird type of demon that can make someone forget a memory and can replace it, Xtraxis murders a police officer and becomes one his self he then does a broadcast around the galaxy to say Caboose was the murderer then Angel-Ion and co come to help Caboose, Xtraxis then makes them forget Caboose

Chapter 34: The Portal Chronicles- Upcoming Chapter, Angel-Ion and Caboose take the roles of ATLAS & P-Body in the Aperture Science Co-op Testing Initiative

Chapter 35: The Doom- Red Lotus wonders who he is, but the Doom comes to him about his estranged past (Based on Shadow the Hedgehog, set before King Phazorus)

Chapter 36: Ahoy- Angel-Ion & Caboose meet Captain Blue & his pirates & travel into space

Chapter 37: Shade vs Doom-Whilst Crimsane and Phazorus battle, Shade intervens, but they are are saved by the Doom, Angel-Ion, Risu and Ginny learn of Phazorus' and Crimsane's past

Chapter 38: The Power of One- Upcoming chapter, Shade awakens One

Chapter 39: Shade's Wrath- Shade gets his revenge on the LAC

Chapter 40: The Grid- Angel-Ion, Ginny and Caboose are sent to the grid, and save it from Dark Trinity

Chapter 41: TBA, the Omnidroid is involved in this story

Chapter 42: TBA, this story involves Bivalvan, Pandor, Andreas, Raad and Galapagus

Chapter 43: Ninja Rivalry- Hyphen, Phazora, Zaerex, the Silence, Hoodlum, Twilia, Raad, Phase, SteelArmour and Asterix go head to head to see who is the top ninja who Shockwave has trained

Chapter 44: Magic Returns- Magic returns and causes chaos on Zeta Prime, where Angel-Ion and co are bargin hunting

Chapter 45: Alternate Reality- An upcoming story revloving around what would of happened if Destructix was captured before he gave Caboose the darkness abilities

Chapter 46: Oh my God, I'm a Pokemon!- Angel-Ion, Ginny, Caboose and Risu are transformed into Pokemon and have to survive on an island together

Chapter 47: Sounds Like Trouble- Angel-Ion and Caboose travel to Soundwave Castle for a mission, but then a Rodmian Rocket crashes in the garden

Chapter 48: The Cult of Dinosaurs

Chapter 49: Dark Entity- Shade, as Shadow Raptimus, absorbs more evil villains and creates Shadow Entity

Chapter 50: TBA

Chapter 51: Preparing Endgame Part One

Chapter 52: TBA

Chapter 53: TBA

Chapter 54: Castle Crashers- After Shadow Entity takes over Soundwave Castle, it's up to Angel-Ion, Caboose, Risu and Twilia to save the royal family of Sound and Hyphen

Chapter 55: Preparing Endgame Part Two

Chapter 56: The Project- Project V is created in the Confound Labs and causes havoc, only Test Subject 567 (Hazarku) can stop him, Subject 567 also finds out of his friend, Subject 101, he ends up chasing Project V out of the Confound Asylum and continues to chase Project V

Chapter 57: Olympic Mountain- On the planet Armagedda, a mystery unfolds on Mount Olympia, the largest of all Armageddron mountains, the Rodmians do battle against the Shadoo and CombineZ and soon join forces with them after Shade absorbs Rodmius and Rapture

Chapter 58: West

Chapter 59: On My Myraxis

Chapter 60: The Pit of Punishment

Chapter 61: Yain Base

Chapter 62: The All-Seeing Eye

Chapter 63: Battle of the SeaBlade

Chapter 64: Endgame

Chapter 65: LAC's New Leader

Chapter 66: Judgement

Chapter 67: War of Neox HQ

Chapter 68: Merecoid Mystery

Chapter 69: Schoolled

Chapter 70: Hyphen vs Asterix

Chapter 71: Tag Team Fight Championship Qualifiers Part 1

Chapter 72: Tag Team Fight Championship Qualifiers Part 2

Chapter 73: Tag Team Fight Championship Round 1

Chapter 74: Tag Team Fight Championship Round 2

Chapter 75: Tag Team Fight Championship Round 3

Chapter 76: Tag Fight Championship Quarter Finals

Chapter 77: Tag Team Championship Semi Finals

Chapter 78: Tag Team Championship Final

Chapter 79: Elite

Chapter 80: TBA

Chapter 81: TBA

Chapter 82: TBA

Chapter 83: TBA

Chapter 84: TBA

Chapter 85: TBA

Chapter 86: TBA

Chapter 87: TBA

Chapter 88: TBA

Chapter 89: TBA

Chapter 90: TBA

Chapter 91: TBA

Chapter 92: TBA

Chapter 93: TBA

Chapter 94: TBA

Chapter 95: TBA

Chapter 96: TBA

Chapter 97: TBA

Chapter 98: Destruction of the LAC Kingdom- Judge and Shade join forces and attack the LAC Kingdom, successfully destroying it and it's influenced location

Chapter 99: Final Showdown Part 1- The LAC and thier allies create the Nonaggression, a ship that will take them to the Shadow Space Fortress

Chapter 100: Final Showdown Part 2

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