Kell City was once a city of ruin, it was restored by the High Lord, Kell, the citizens of Sky City moved here, the chambers to Otherworldly Abyss is located here

Places of InterestEdit

  • Kell Fortress
  • Kell Fountain
  • Otherworldly Abyss Chamber
  • Kell Ancient Hall
  • Kell Stratoscope (An ancient telescope attached to a wall)
  • Ruins of Yaroyaro's Shop

Past InhabitantsEdit

Nobody lives here anymore as they were all killed after a deadly accident, after that, the route to Otherworldly Abyss was unsealed, but efore that, many people lived, namely the Forgotten Tribe, here is a list of the previous inhabitnts:

  • The Forgotten Tribe- These people were erased from history, but now have returned to reality
  • Yaroyaro- A desceased shopkeeper
  • Yirayara- Yaroyaro's apparent son
  • Yinya- Yaroyaro's apparent daughter
  • Tamba- Local
  • Calso- Local
  • Besto- Local
  • Cavara- Local
  • Kittesdo- Local
  • Donogtorolosohojokopoforovo- Local with extremely long name, dubbed Don
  • Searsear- Local
  • Ferretterref- Local with name spelled backwards and forwards, the name is Ferret
  • Sasa- Local
  • Yinyin- Local
  • Yogo- Local
  • Eldo- City elder
  • Maximio- Local
  • Localol- Local
  • Packpack- A pack mule that escaped the city with it's master, Vol
  • Vol- Pack mule owner who knows magic of the Fire element

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