Ginevra "Ginny" Excalier (née Weasley) is the previous wife of Angel-Ion Excalier and clone of Ginny Weasley (Harry Potter), her birthday is August 11th and weilds a wand similar to the real version

Creation and Battle of Phazon Break PointEdit

She was finally created when Phazoorus returned to Phazon Break Point, where Angel-Ion, Hyphen and Bivalvan infiltrated the hideout and busted Ginny out of the container she was trapped in, also battling Phazorus, Rage, Neodymium Missile, Devostata and Morphius in the process, they all fled with the timely appearance of Eclipse, who used a Light Popper to blind the threat

Dating Angel-Ion and Escape from Chaos HQEdit

After saving her, Angel-Ion fell for her just instantly, she also fell for him for his heroism, they began dating, weeks later she joined the LAC and got her first job of infiltrating Chaos Space Station with Angel-Ion, Caboose, Phazora and X, they destroyed the central core and were left to escape both being destroyed, the Chaos Troopers, Judge and his mighty mech, Draycos, they managed to escape, but were pursed by Judge of Draycos' new wings, but the explosion separated the Striker and Draycos from each other, but the mission was a success

Wedding and Seven Day WarEdit

Ginny married Angel-Ion 6 months later and was also pulled into the war that lasted seven days, she witnessed the death of Xenoxis at the hands of Angel-Ion, as did Caboose, X and Phazora

The Return of JudgeEdit

Later on, she, along with Agel-Ion and Hyphen, were encountered by the return of Judge and his flying dragon mech, Draycos, she managed to destroy its legs with her spells, while Hyphen and Angel-Ion attack the body


Main Article: List of Birthday Presents

During her birthday, which is a month after Angel-Ion's, she recived a bunch of presents from her friends in the LAC, even a present from Phazorus

Future LifeEdit

She is abducted at the end of Heist, where she is then freed in A Malevolent Tale, she later is abducted by Malevolence, later, after he heroes get Ginny back and destroy Malevolence, she is captured by Dethl, who turn her evil, Angel-Ion is forced to both find a new girlfriend and fight Ginny, she is finally imprisoned by the end of Dethl's Wrath

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