Look at this noob here

Gayos clan image

A badge of one of thier levels

Chaos Clan are an enemy of the LAC, they are led by DarkInfection, also known as HIVInfection or AIDSInfection, the clan has apparent 'Dark Lords who have tons of creating skill', this statement has been proved false, as the 'Chaos Clan City' level was actually made by JukeWannabe of Fallen Republic, also, in a create war with Hardware of the LAC, during the war, he made an exact copy of Hardware's mech, he then stated 'Hardware cheated the whole time' which is incorrect, the clan is very callous, stating that they 'are the best', best of retarded that is, the clan is made up of retarded, whining fags which are known as Emos

MSPC, a clan who is also an enemy of the LAC, apparently allied with Chaos Clan, making a superbly retarded Chronicles for themselves, with bad crafting of people, such as Hardware's Angel-Ion


DarkInfection is more than just some regular guy that fell off the ugly tree, he was hit by the ugly truck as it fell, he has not yet realized that his birth certificate was actually an apology from his local condom factory

He was born on a really busy day on the motorway, he was one of 20 accidents that had happend on it that day, if he was twice as smart than what he really is, he'd still be a complete dumbass

He should learn from his parents mistakes, as he is both emo, Forever Alone and an accident, he should jump off of Mount Everest

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