We are more than just LittleBigPlanet. We know the multiverse of games. (Where do you think the characters for Chaos Brawl come from?) We know all kinds of games from Nintendo, SEGA, Konami, Capcom, the list goes on. So here is the area where we post about our faves and the links to the ULC. The games will link to their own pages.


These developers have made countless titles and have offered top quality games.

Nintendo Edit

Mario (Donkey Kong Arcade/NES)

Legend of Zelda (Legend of Zelda NES)

Kirby (Kirby's Adventure NES)

Metroid (Metroid NES)

Pokémon (Pokémon Green[JP] Gameboy)

PIKMIN (Pikmin Gamecube)

Kid Icarus (Kid Icarus NES)

Konami Edit

Contra (Contra Arcade)

Castlevania (Vampire Killer MSX)

Gradius (Gradius Arcade)

Silent Hill (Silent Hill PlayStation)

Track and Field (International Track and Field Arcade)

Metal Gear (Metal Gear MSX)


Sonic the Hedgehog (Sonic the Hedgehog MegaDrive)

Alex Kidd

Capcom Edit

Street Fighter (Street Fighter Arcade)

Phoenix Wright (Phoenix Wright; Ace Attorney[JP] Gameboy Advance)

Megaman (Megaman NES)

Monster Hunter (Monster Hunter PlayStation 2)


These dont make as many games and they arent as big, but they are still well known.

Namco Edit

Tekken (Tekken Arcade)

Soulcalibur (Soul Blade Playstation)

Pac-Man (Pac-Man Arcade)

Galaga (Galaxian Arcade)

Square Edit

Final Fantasy (Final Fantasy NES)

Mana (Secret of Mana SNES)


Kingdom Hearts (Kingdom Hearts PlayStation 2)

Media Molecule Edit

LittleBigPlanet (LittleBigPlanet PlayStation 3)

Rag doll Kung Fu