Angel-Ion's part of the Excalier family has 14 members (Excluding in-laws)


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Angel-Ion is the alpha-male of the Murr Gods, the husband of Kaliegh, Father of Candace, Chevron and Isabella, surrogate father of Omnis (Omnidroid 13) and Roader, creator of Johnny and Johnny 4, and owner of Lucky and Volcus


Alyce is the now wife of Angel-Ion, she is the mother of Isabella and Rythian and step-mother of Candace and Chevron, she occasionally helps her husband in saving the universe and beyond


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The previous wife of Angel-Ion, mother of Candace and Chevron and a clone created by Phazorus, she had became evil due to Dethl's evil powers, she was then sealed away by mistake, when she got in Angel-Ion's way trying to protect Dethl, her existance is currently unknown, she is revealed to be a Sayian female


Shanie was Angel-Ion's girlfriend before Ginny and Alyce, she was thrown into the Whirtle Zone by Phazorus, who got sucked in with her (He later gets freed by Xenoscaris, Avalancha and Zewo [The latter getting killed and his corpse gets sucked into the Whirtle Zone])


The first to be born out of the two children, she is based on Candace Flynn from the popular cartoon series,

Candace Flynn, who Candace is based on

Phineas and Ferb, like who she is based on, he attempts to bust her brother Chevron, Omnidroid 13 and cousins Ice and Ampersand

In the Murr 2500 (Chapter 75 onwards) half of LACE, she is older and is in a relationship with Hyphen's son Shock, she still tries to bust her brother and cousins but to no avail, as Volcus accidentaly gets rid of thier creations before Angel-Ion and Ginny return from missions/shopping, she has traits like her mother, she eventually marries Shock


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The second to be born, he, Omnidroid 13 and his cousins, Ice and Thor, always cause mischief by creating machines which always are destroyed/removed/ect by Volcus, who does battle with Mister Worm

Later on in life, Chevron fully grows a full Sayian tail and is able to help the LAC with his power, he eventually marries a girl called Bulma, he has mixed traits between his mother and father, having his mother's Sayian blood and body (As well as a Sayian tail), and his father's eyes, horns and claws

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Isabella is the daughter of Angel-Ion and Kaliegh, while Chevron and Candace's mother is Ginny, she has her mother's traits, but she has a Sayian Tail for unknown reasons (Actually because Angel-Ion forgot to take his Sayian Belt off)


Rythian is the twin brother of Kaliegh and the final son of Angel-Ion, his mother is Alyce, he has his father's traits and his mother's black hair

See Also: Excalier Family (Rythian)


Kaliegh is the twin sister of Rythian and final daughter of Angel-Ion and Alyce, she has her mother's traits as well as her father's claw-blades, she appears to have a Sayian tail and can turn into a Super Sayian like Chevron


Bulma is the wife of Chevron, her father is Dr Hubert Briefs, her mother is Leanna Briefs


Shock is the husband of Candace, his mother and father are Hyphen and Vibe Emmisary

Omnidroid 13Edit

Omnidroid 13 crash landed in Angel-Ion's home one night, he was repaired and it had been revealed that he had done battle with the rogue Omnidroid 12, one of the Omnidroids, Angel-Ion took him in, he, Chevron and thier cousins, Ice and Thor, cause mischief by creating machines that are always vanish


Roader is an Offtread that was fixed by Angel-Ion, Roader told Angel-Ion to leave him to die after being badly damaged, but Angel-Ion never lets anyone down, so he carried Roader to his Villa in the rain, the LAC, Kaliegh and her family were worried for days (As he was repairing Roader), until he returned with Roader, who was fully fixed, Angel-Ion took him in as part of their family

Johnny 5Edit

Johnny 5 is a robot built entirely by Angel-Ion, Caboose and Ironide have watched him build him at Angel-Ion's Villa, he was successfully built, but at Fenderson's Workshop of Robotics, Angel-Ion was about to be given the Lone Mechanic award, but Johnny 5 suffered a leak, he was fixed and Angel-Ion was given another Robot Saviour award (He got one before from fixing Roader), as well as the Lone Mechanic award, Johnny lives as part of Angel-Ion's family

Johnny 4Edit

Johnny 4 is a prototype of Johnny 5, he currently lives with Angel-Ion and is sent to Fenderson's Garage for upgrades since he was once only capable of shaking dust off of his body (He could not walk), Angel-Ion did not want to discard him as he doesn't want to see the pain and suffering of robots or other life forms


Angel-Ion's pet and a secret agent, he does battle with Mister Worm, thier fueds often cause the creations made by Chevron to vanish


The family dog, he is a labrador and always sits in his kennel or on the sofa


  • Chevron, Isabella, Candace, Omnidroid 13, Bulma and Kaliegh are based on real-world characters
    • Child Chevron is based on Phineas Flynn from Phineas and Ferb
    • Adult Chevron is based on Future Trunks from Dragon Ball Z
    • Kaliegh is based on Pan from Dragon Ball GT
    • Omnidroid 13 is based on Registeel from the Pokemon games
    • Bulma is based on the character of the same name from Dragon Ball
    • Isabella is based on the character of the same name from Phineas and Ferb
    • Candace is based on the character of the same name from Phineas and Ferb

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