Endgame is the final battle of Shadow Entity and Daemon Angel-Ion, if Entity won, Angel-Ion would be imprisoned forever and all of existance would be enslaved, if Angel-Ion won, everybody who Entity absorbed will be released and returned to thier groups without harm, and Shade will be imprisoned, and all of the Shadow Supspace areas will return to thier former glory, Angel-Ion succeded

Round 1Edit

The first round was in Neox HQ, where Entity declared the Endgame, the goal of round one was to get to the top of the tower by taking both the flights of stairs to the roof without using elevators or by flying, Angel-Ion wins round one, but Entity's Shadow Supspace Bomb explodes and inhales Neox HQ, Angel-Ion and Entity already having escaped, Entity declares to all of the residents of the LAC Kingdom about Endgame and if they want to watch, they can, he then throws down a Shadow Supspace Bomb which inhales the Kingdom and it's residents, including Ginny, Candace, Chevron, Omnidroid 13, Mister Worm, Volcus, Lucky, Gravy, Freckles and Dane

Round 2Edit

The second round takes place on the Phazon homeworld of Phazoran, the round is to be the first to swim across a lake and be the first to reach Phazorus' palace, Entity wins and inhales the palace with a Shadow Subspace Bomb, taking Phazorus, his elite guard, Blizzarda, Missile, Avalancha and the visiting Crimsane with it

Round 3Edit

The third round takes place on Amageddra, where the goal is the first to hike Olympic Mountain, Angel-Ion wins and the place is yet again taken by a Shadow Subspace Bomb, claiming several LAC and Murr Gods

Round 4Edit

Round 5Edit

The fifth round took place aboard the Bishop 73

Round 6Edit

Round 7Edit

Round 8Edit

Round 9Edit

Final RoundEdit

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