Drone-Ex's are machines that were created by bounty hunter, Devostata, they come in several different models


  • Drone-Ex Alpha- Trapezoid shaped Drone-Ex
  • Drone-Ex Beta- Another trapezoid shaped Drone-Ex
  • Drone-Ex Gamma- New type of Drone-Ex
  • Drone-Ex Delta- Ball shaped Drone-Ex with a flailing hammer as it's weapon
  • Drone-Ex Plasma- Dew drop-ish shaped Drone-Ex
  • Drone-Ex Zeta- New species of Drone-Ex, these types can survive Deep Underwater levels, unlike thier brothers
  • Drone- Ex Epsilon- New type of Drone-Ex, these are air-based and can fly
  • Drone-Ex Pi- New type of Drone-Ex, these ones dwell around
  • Drone-Ex Xi- New type of Drone-Ex, these ones are big and are only seen in Space levels
  • Drone-Ex Xeon- New type of Droe-Ex, these are wall based and will fire at will if they catch thier target, they have a red weak spot that must be grappled
  • Drone-Ex Tycoon- New type of Drone-Ex, they are only seen in wall climbing levels, where they will freely move around the wall, the player must stay out thier way or they will be chased
  • Drone-Ex Rush- A new type of Drone-Ex, they will chase the player on certain Speedway levels
  • Drone-Ex Omega- Main Drone-Ex
  • Drone-Ex Omega 1.5- Repaired and upgraded version of Drone-Ex Omega
  • Tissue- Droone-Ex Omega's own creation
  • Cyborg- Humanoid shaped robots that were created after Drone-Ex's
  • Broken Drone-Ex- Haunted and broken Drone-Ex Alpha's
  • Broken Cyborg- Haunted and broken Cyborgs
  • Silverbullet- Miniboss Cyborg

War Zone Drone-Ex ModelsEdit

  • Omega - The leading Drone-Ex of the entire force
  • Epsilon - The operator at Citadel, he is a modiied Omicron, made to resemble a flying scorpion
  • Delta - The operator at Delta Point, he is a modifed Theta, making Delta Point a mostly aquatic base
  • Sigma - The operator at Sigma Point
  • Xi - The operator of Gamma Point, he is an Alpha in the modified body of a Gamma
  • Zeta - The operator at Alpha Point, he is a modified Beta
  • Alpha - The main unit
  • Omicron - Units capable of flight
  • Theta - Units capable of aquatic travel
  • Beta - Weaker models, they are scrapped and upgraded to Alphas
  • Gamma - Units fitted with human brains, they are considered abominations by the other units, they later rebel
  • Iota - A unit that is seen in plans and blueprints, they are built in the planned sequel
  • Rho - The supposed unit that was to operate Beta Point, but was terminated by the RNA Mutants, his corpse is found inside the base, a rebuilt version appears in the planned sequel as a soldier
  • Eta - A new unit in the planned sequel

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