Artwork of Draycos


Draycos the Mecha Demon Dragon is a cybernetic but yet demonic dragon, his skin is made of fire by the cybernetics are made of steel, he appears as the final boss of LAC Chronicles, where Judge summons him after he is defeated


His body consists of a head, four arms, wings, a tail and four legs


After Judge is defeated, he runs over to a hatch which opens to reveal Draycos, Judge claims he has underwent some construction to make him extremely powerful, he also clais that the same power that works the Space Station's lazer works as Draycos' very own lazer, which takes time to activate it, after he finishes talking, Draycos will attack

Draycos will begin by using his energy sword-weilding arm, ChrisWolf tells the player (Who controls Hardware in phase 1) they must fire at the joint underneath it's shoulder, it will then fall off

After the energy sword-weilding arm has fell off, Draycos will start firing a machine gun in all directions, the player (Who now controls Mah) must attack the joint underneath the machine gun-weilding arm's shoulder, it will then fall off

After the machine gun has fell off, Drycos will start using his Flamer, he will start firing at the player (Who now controls ChrisWolf), the player must use Jutsu to detroy the flamer, as his arm has a shield

After the flamer explodes, he will then start firing the lazer on his head at the player (Who controls Hardware again), the player must attack it, after it explodes, his head blows up, injuring Judge at the same time

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