Devostata is a black armoured bounty hunter and commander in the Phazon Army, he is the main villain of Unknown War

Unknown WarEdit

In Unknown War, he was the person who destroyed the Zone of Light, making it become the Unknown Zone, he also creates the Drone-Ex army, making Drone-Ex Omega the stongest model (Plus, he is the only Drone-Ex Omega created), he also made a spaceship, the Death Ball (A play on Star Wars' Death Star), after the Survivors infiltrated the Death Ball, he led them into a trap, every enemy they encountered appeared in each room, including Nightmare creatures, he then sent Tissue to attack them, then Drone-Ex Omega (Whom both were only shut down by the player), the hero made his way the core of the Death Ball, the player must kill both him and destroy the core, the Death Ball blows up when they escape


  • He wears a Decepticon broach around his neck (Pictured)
  • He is an Electrocombine

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