Dark Zephyr Republic, previously known as Lightning Aerodex Clan and Lemon Allstars Clan, is a clan on LittleBigPlanet

The BeginningEdit

The idea of making a clan originates from when it's leader looked at a level with a clan called Little Big Allstars, Hardware then decided to create a level called LittleBigPlanet News, with a donkey face as the level badge, he added a clubhouse at the end

Changes from Club to ClanEdit

  • New Clubhouses
  • Creation of Kages
  • New logo

Changes from Lemon Allstars to Lightning AerodexEdit

  • New Clubhouses
  • Losing enemies
  • New logo

Changes to from Lightning Aerodex to Dark ZephyrEdit

  • New planned level, more successes, new symbol, name, logo, access pass and features

Exodus CitadelEdit

Exodus Citadel is a planned HQ built by Hardware and will be the main HQ of the clan


(Please note the list was reduced due to how people were inactive for a long time)


  • Hardware34
  • Caboose1424563
  • Risuthesquirrel
  • SonicCreator
  • Gallefrey10
  • Evil-Doer500


  • Jeanuk
  • Dragon_Kid321
  • Dragon-Lord975
  • Thebruceys
  • Svenalator


  • Defeated Flaming Crossed Swords Revelations
  • Defeated The Superhero Army
  • Defeated MPSC
  • Defeated MEDS
  • Defeated Chimera Empire (ChimeranDinos admitted defeat)
  • Defeated Lamestar


  • Lost to Blood Star Rebellion
  • Lost to WingedVenegance


  • Drew Create War with Chaos Clan
  • Drew Mech War with NANo Empire


Lord-Tambourine is the official Dark Zephyr Account, all news, events and the like will be hosted here


  • Fallen Republic
  • Black Skull Clan
  • NCS
  • Blood Mafia



Old EnemiesEdit

  • NANo Empire
  • Akatsuki
  • Young Planet
  • Lightning Army
  • Chimeran Empire

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