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Here are the results of the last battle's winners

Cowardice vs SupremeEdit

Arena: City 17 Phazon HQ

Hazard: Super Mutant Behemoth

Brawler One: Bowser

Brawler Two: Mr Curnal

Mr Curnal immediatley flees upon seeing Bowser, who laughs, unknowing of Mr Curnal's secret attack, the 'Help Me Call', the Super Mutant then appears and chases Curnal, who finishes charging his attack, sending a nuclear warhead charge into the Super Mutant, which flies into Bowser, the Super Mutant and Bowser are blown up by the Warhead, Curnal dominates the battlefield, taunting the duo of knocked out giants by saying 'Nobody tastes my wrath more than you! TASTE THE RAINBOW MUTHA FUCKA!!!'

Battle of the A'sEdit

Arena: Final Destination

Hazard: Missile Rain

Brawler One: Arbiter

Brawler Two: ATLAS Arbiter avoids the oncoming missiles and ATLAS's attacks, finding an Energy Sword, Arbiter cuts up ATLAS, who weakly falls out of the brawl

An Energy DuelEdit

Arena: Yain Base

Hazard: Shoop da Whoop

Brawler One: Reshiram

Brawler Two: Zekrom

The battle began with Reshiram using Fusion Flare on Zekrom, who used Bolt Strike in return, Reshiram then used Blue Flare while Zekrom used Fusion Bolt, both attacks collided, by the Fusion Flare cut right through the Blue Flare, inflicting little damage to Zekrom, who suddenly becomes cloaked in blue fire and his Fusion Bolt, he inflicts major damage to Reshiram, a Shoop da Whoop is fired, it hits both Zekrom and Reshiram, Zekrom the drills Reshiram down with his tail, Reshiram falls, Zekrom reigns victor

Begginer's LuckEdit

Arena: Death Ball

Hazard: Lil Satan Swarm

Brawler One: Mario

Brawler Two: Globox

The battle begins with Globox hiding away from Mario, who suddenly sees an Invincibility Star, the Lil Satan Swarm appears and prevents Mario from getting it, Globox however touches it and gains invincibility, he charges through the swarm and defeats Mario

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