Visser Rock Monster by Monster Man 08

Rogue Comet monster

Bosses are characters who are far stronger than regular enemies, they take some time to defeat

LAC Chronicles First CutEdit

In LAC Chronicles, there are only 5 boss characters

Demanding Demanour: Commander Starch- A commander in Judge's army, he is killed after a rock falls on him

Ruthless Rock Monster: Rockstar- A boulder monster in the Temple of the Relic, the player must pull a switch that activates a water chute, he stands underneath them, he dies after he fall apart

Powerful Demon: Super Trooper- A trooper in Judge's army with superstrength, he is met at the Space Station, he is killed in the Lazer Testing Room where he is vapourized

White Leader: Judge- Judge is fought at the control room of the Space Station

Deadly Mechanical Dragon: Draycos- Draycos is the final boss of LAC Chronicles FC

Unknown WarEdit

Unknown War has at least one boss per chapter, excluding two chapters

Huge Turtle Fiend: Craggix the Magmostoise- Gigantic Magmostoise that was hypnotised and had mechanical parts attached

Huge Beast of Fury: Punchinello- Huge character that has destroyed the side of a house

Beast from Beyond: The Stryker- A boss in the player's Nightmare

Rogue Crab: Marak Crab- Encountered inside a sunken pirate ship

Unknown Threat: Angel-Ion (Cameo)- Angel-Ion randomly attacks the player in a fit of rage, this turned out to be a trick by Magic, who admits that he tried to put LAC out of business by making it look like he is the villain, he made it attack at the wrong time and wrong place, making Devostata fire him, he later got re-hired into the Phazon Army by Phazorus, much to Devostata's objection

Big Red Glutton: Big Mac- A large, obese red puffball that blocks the way in Haunted Hotel, he appears with two mini-bosses, Undead Fiend and Silver Bullet

Hybrid Alien Fiend: RNX- A hybrid monster and leader of the RNA that swarm a rocket site

Tissue- Drone-Ex Omega's hench, appeared only as an enemy, as he can be defeated in one attack

Gigntic Drone: Drone-Ex Omega- Devostata's hench

Black Demon of Thunder: Devostata- The main villain, he is presumed killed by the hero, but actually survived the explosion of the Doom Ship's core, he survived due to Immortus

Active Centre of Doom: Death Ball Core- The core of the Death Ball

The Revenge of OmegaEdit

Hybrid Alien Fiend: RNX- RNX returns and takes a role as the first boss, his title stays the same

Devastating Drone of Destruction: Drone-Ex Omega 1.5- The main villain, his title changes

Demonic Mechanical Monster: Tissue- Drone-Ex Omega's hench, now gaining a large dragon like body

Mysterious Man in a Mask: Masked Man- A strange character working under Drone-Ex Omega's control

Mystery Man: Missile- Bounty Hunter that works under the control of a being higher than Drone-Ex Omega

Hideous Monster from Beyond: Epic Salamander- Huge dragon that resembles Draycos from LACC, he is another large dragon with four arms, it was proven that this was the Stryker (As it looks exactly like an aged version) from the prequel, turning out that it did actually exist and that Nightmare Valley is real

Hybrid Rocket Fiend: NRH (New Rocket Hybrid)- An RNA that latched onto a rocket, it starts attacking the heroes after they try to enter it, it has a similar title to RNX

Rogue Comet Monster- A comet monster that attacks the heroes' rocket, the player must control the rocket, he is a colossal, orange beast, his name, Comettica, is revealed in LAC: The Cult of Arbiter, where it is also revealed that he was tested on with a shrink ray prototype, where the original was supposed to revert the shrinkage after a set time

Ravenous Beast: Hungry Cactus- A vicious space cactus that tries to eat Flint, it's title is similar to it's species, which were wrongly named, the Ravenous Cactus Monster is actually friendly, it was revealed that this one was brainwashed (Revealed by Leafene) and was actually teleported to it's location (Revealed by Drone-Ex [Just the teleportation] and Magic [That he teleported it])

Claus: Unmasked Man- The Masked Man after he removes his mask, he is revealed to by Claus, Flint's son, his title is his actual name

LAC EmmisaryEdit

The official first series for LAC role play, put in order as the villains appear

  • Phazorus
  • Magic
  • Shade
  • Kult
  • The Doom
  • Dark Trinity
  • Night X
  • Fangoricus
  • Xenoxis
  • Rodmius
  • Rapture
  • Creataceous
  • Overwatch
  • Shadow Raptimus
  • Shadow Contaniment

LAC UniverseEdit

  • The Nightmare
  • Exodus
  • Barinade
  • One
  • Xenoxicus
  • The Eye

LAC: Through Time and Space, Across DimensionsEdit

LAC and the Ocarina of TimeEdit

LAC: World of TwilightEdit

  • Twilit Ignitor- Fyrniticus
  • Twlit Aquatic Monster: Hyrdros
  • Twilit Jungle Threat: Tweegargadar
  • Twilit Eyed- Feyesh
  • Twilit Colossus: Naemhaemos
  • Twilit Shadow: Bongo Bongo
  • Twilit Noise- Meaf
  • Twilit Faker: Gong Hu Fak Fak
  • Twilit Brain: Heleheheleran
  • Twilit Sun Blocker: Moieyan
  • Twilit Handle: Omosan
  • Twilit Torando: Tornarnadon
  • Twilit Reptile: Dracorex
  • Twilit Time Feeder: Mealfos
  • Twilit Cosmic Beast: Dongorongo
  • Twilit Undoomed Beast: Pryxus
  • Twilit Sand Reptile: Dangoro
  • Twilit Spine Tortoise: Galopogas
  • Twilit Ecliptic Demon: Omokomados
  • Twilit Sword Arachnoid: Heliarachn
  • Twilit Melter: Buckot
  • Armada Lord: Exodus
  • Dark Fallen Angel: Falspar
  • Corrupted Lightning Beast: Cyclone
  • Evil Spirit from Beyond: Overlord
  • Tyrant of Blades: Exodus
  • Great King of Twilight: Undor
  • Aquatic Dragon of Water: Hydrago
  • Great Sword of Dark Fire: Demise

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