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Blue Aspertra is a myterious company that manufactured a small amount of LAC technology, they were also the ones behind creating Pendleton and Digitus, their logo is based off of Aperture Scence (A picture of Aperture Science's logo is on the right)


They have not yet appeared in person, but they have a connection to Pendleton and Digitus, it has been planned that they will have a minor role where Angel-Ion and Caboose hack into the files of them inside Digitus

They will later have an important role, where Angel-Ion, Ironide and Caboose discover thier base and infiltrate it, they also find the leader, Asper, and his loyal ninja, Raptor

Known CreationsEdit

  • Pendleton
  • Digitus
  • Protogun
  • BAShip
  • Pendragim Beam
  • Sabre Spear
  • Phazorus' Cybernetics
  • Crimsane's Cybernetics


Digitus, out of both him and Pendleton, know of Blue Aspertra, he has the details locked inside his memory, when Caboose and Angel-Ion enter the Digitus Cyberworld, they try to find out more about them, but Digitus appears to have locked the files of them with a password that is revealed to be another Blue Aspertra creation, Protogun


They have a factory hidden deep underneath a tiny cave, the entrance has a sign saying 'Blue Aspertra', but the cave itself appears to have a skull and a few drawings, the skull appears to open a hatch in the floor that transports anyone on it to the factory, this was abandonned so the people of Blue Aspertra could build a fortress, which they build in the Desert Collosus, which they buried in the sands to prevent anybody from finding it

Desert FortressEdit

The Desert Fortress is indicated underground in the Desert Collosus, the only way in is a door hidden in the nearby temple, it is a giant fortress with an open landscape so people can walk around the outside of the fortress whilst still being underground

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